Do you selfie? And how is that going for you?

As I flew into Pittsburgh the darkness had fallen and my tired eyes peeled themselves open.  I managed to sleep on the plane after all, if only for a few minutes. As I look out the window all I see are lights sparkling.  The glittered billowy comforter of the city is just asking me to jump from the plane and float  to the ground like I would see the kids do when Sean would throw them onto the poofs of the pillowed bed from his shoulders and they would giggle and giggle and he’d scoop and do it again. It was


Then they turned on all the lights and HELLO.

jimmy fallon animated GIF

That’s a wake up call if ever you so didn’t want one. SO weird.

Two seconds later they turned them off.  I want my moment back.

I was met at the airport by the beautiful Ria  and she dropped me off at the incredible 26 story Westin downtown. Holy cow. I’m ashamed to say I needed a grown ups help to use the elevator. Pretty sure she was 24. But hey…now I know and I can totally act smarter than everyone else that looks confused. Like…what? You’ve never used one of THESE elevators before? Whatever…I travel extensively and they’re all the rage in Europe. >remember to say this in as snobby and bored a voice as possible<.

Mo and Kat were both asleep and I had to wake them up. Way to be back up friends there People. Waitin’ on me and all that. It’s okay, I totally made them talk to me for like…45 minutes. Good luck getting back to sleep NOW. Ha.

Also…I don’t sleep so now I’m up writing a blog post and freezing my butt off because Mo is hot and likes it arctic in here.  I wasn’t cold at first but apparently the Westin is trying to help her get more comfortable. I’m voting her off the island.

First thing on tomorrow’s list at the expo…buy a sweatshirt. And maybe sweatpants. As I sit and shiver.  Bonus:  I’m probably burning calories! LOL

 cold animated GIF


What? We’re camping.  Sheesh

I managed to get about 30 minutes of yoga this morning before work and my legs felt it all day. I do love that.


September 2013, Psychology Today published an article entitled

What Your Selfies Say About You

Are your selfies ruining your relationships?

What’s more, a recent study  out of the U.K. found that the selfie phenomenon may be damaging to real world relationships, concluding that both excessive photo sharing and sharing photos of a certain type—including self-portraits—makes people less likeable. The same study found that increased frequency of sharing self-portraits is related to a decrease in intimacy with others. For one thing, putting so much emphasis on your own looks can make others feel self-conscious about theirs in your presence. The pressure to be “camera-ready” can also heighten self-esteem issues and increase feelings of competition among friends.

I have always wondered about people who post selfies of themselves and their ability to do it so shamelessly and effortlessly.

On the other hand, I have some friends who are just so beautiful and humble and naturally gifted at being good people that it’s a pleasure to see their selfie. I love to look at them. I would get self conscious but there’s no matching some people, they are just going to be adorable and there is no getting to that level. So why even try? They would look good on their bad selfie day.

It takes unbelievable effort on my part to take a selfie. I have to be having a GREAT day. I am incredibly self conscious. I have to be feeling really really good.  And it has to have been on my mind that maybe I’m overdue. I know, running a blog, that selfies or photos in general are just part of the package. People like to have the images. I’m a visual person so I need to see AND read to get a full effect on something.

I have a background in photography though I gave it up years ago to travel the world with my husband. Shut up…I really did. Sort of.

I want to see actual photographic evidence to backup my memories.

I get it. I hear people say “you’re spending so much time documenting the event you are missing the memory”. I think I’m able to find a nice balance and screw that, I want the photos.

I want my kids to have photos of me and if it means an occasional selfie, I’ll do it. But I won’t take a selfie a day. I just can’t do it and I don’t see the point. Isn’t a photo with two people way better than just yourself?  Celebrate your family and friends.

I want photos with my husband

my kids.

my friends

my mom

my sisters

But here’s what I don’t want.

I don’t want a picture with someone who clearly doesn’t want to take a picture.

I’m interested in making a great memory. Get in close, smile with me because you love me and I love you and we’ll take a quick picture. I’m also incredibly patient. If it’s a bad picture, I’ll take twenty of them…I want it to be good or I don’t want it. It will just bother me. So hey…we have to trust we all like the photo.

But if you don’t want your picture taken with me, your lack of enthusiasm will be very apparent and we just don’t have to do it.

I’m way not interested in that memory. Thanks.

Life is awesome. Celebrate it. Enjoy it. Memorialize it. Grab someone you love…or two or three or four someone’s you love…grab a camera and take that  moment. Even if it’s just a random Tuesday and you’re just home having spaghetti. Just do it.  (Thank you Nike.)


My last selfie…with my favorite four year old. My heart melts he’s so pretty.

image (15)

And my last selfie with Sean. A favorite picture…he’s so pickin’ cute. Seriously. I could not be more blessed. I just could not.


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Run on…


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  1. I started taking WAY more selfies since I started blogging and have pretty much put aside my shame about it haha. It is a weird feeling though. You look GORGEOUS in both those selfies!

    1. You are so sweet! And yes, I didn’t take any selfies until I blogged but I definitely need to if I ever want my family to know what I looked like. LOL I don’t love it. 🙂

  2. Very cute pictures 🙂 I used to take a lot of selfies, but have backed off. I do still try to take some for my blog, though!

    1. I love your selfies! And you always show off some fabulous project you’ve made. 🙂

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