It takes a village.

Sometimes these posts write themselves.  (yeah, that doesn’t ever really happen)

Sometimes they take a little work… (slightly more accurate)

Sometimes the title just comes to me and I work with it from there. (that always happens and it’s painstaking and takes hours and hours of rewrites so my heart accepts it and so does my head. I way overthink have you figured that out? Yeah. That’s me)

That was today.

I don’t ever guarantee it’s going to be good. Hell, most days it’s barely interesting.

I use this phrase frequently…it takes a village. But not always in relation to children.

In my world I believe it takes a village to just be. 

I think in our little worlds we have villages in our work…in our family (extended and close) and with our friendships. And we can choose to handle them with grace or we can handle them without choosing, without thought and care, with just raw emotion. The result when we do it that way, can really never be positive.

 The golden rule says  One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself. It’s so not that hard. Really. Be kind to each other. Be an example. Think before you speak. And before you type,  ask yourself…if this person was in front of me…would I say this?  Are these words useful at all or only hurtful?

Be kind to each other. 


I was thinking today about some of the best advice I’ve ever received in my life.

  • My mom always says never put anything in writing you don’t want the whole world to know. ~This is sound advice and I definitely keep it in mind as I type my blog and when I post anything, really, anywhere. It still bites me occasionally but it at least gives me a moment of pause to consider how wise my words are.
  • She told me to use what you’ve got. Incredibly simple advice I’ve used over and over. You can borrow it. You’ll use it a lot, I guarantee.
  • And of course the ever popular don’t mess with my kid. But if you have kids you probably already know that one. 😉
  • When I’m overwhelmed and feeling too sensitive about an issue I will sometimes bring it to my friend. She has a tendency to swing the opposite direction on issues of sensitivity and will say to me what does it matter? Sometimes it does matter and it’s worth the sensitivity but usually it’s all I need to take a step back and say to myself…in the grand scheme you are so right. This was no big deal and my heart made it bigger than it should be. 

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Yesterday morning I got my second round of Botox shots for my migraines. It was far more painful this time than usual and I think it’s because I had such a bad migraine from running/flying the day before.

A refresher for you, if you haven’t read this before:

How Botox Treats Migraines

Botox treatments for migraines are typically given once every three months. Treatments span a 15-month period. To perform the treatment, your doctor will inject multiple doses of the medicine in specific points along the bridge of the nose, the temples, the forehead, the back of the head, the neck, and the upper back.

The goal of these injections is to reduce the symptoms caused by a migraine headache. These symptoms include nausea; vomiting; and sensitivity to lights, sounds, and smells.

Relief doesn’t happen right away. Improvement can take as long as 10 to 14 days. Some people may not experience any relief with their first set of injections. Additional treatments are sometimes more successful, according to the American Headache Society. ~source

I get 31 shots total. My doctor was showing another doctor how and where to put the shots and as he treated me I would react a little stronger pain wise on the right side.  When I burst into tears I figured this was it…I’ll just die of embarrassment proving that sure enough…Botox DOES cure migraines. In a roundabout sort of way.

He calmly says to the other doctor ~her pain is more on the right side during her migraines so she reacts more to the Botox on the right side. It’s far more painful.  Holy wow he wasn’t kidding. 

But I was thinking…seriously and I are going to have to break up. I don’t think I like the way you show your love. Then he gave me more drugs and I was happy again. I’m so easily bought. ::sigh::

pain animated GIF

My head hurt most of the day, not with a migraine but with the pain of the injection sites, mostly on the right side.  Sometimes it bruises and I can tell the spots that do that. Today the spot on the back of my head is pretty clearly a good size bruise and it was distracting enough I took some Advil and used an ice pack at work.

And let me tell you, that wasn’t strange at all. Customers coming in to see me holding a ziploc bag with ice to the back of my head. Honestly my job gets weirder all the time.


I took two days off from running,  or really anything,  and I’ll be honest~ it’s really because of my head.

Yes, I’m using that as an excuse. But it hurt enough I am okay with that.

Tomorrow though, I need to write a few things down and actually make an effort to, well, work out. HA.

I KNOW.  A crazy idea all around. But two days without running/yoga/raising my heart rate is enough to make me cry.


God created it! I'd better take care of it (about our bodies--Rick Warren quote)

Run on…

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  1. That’s so weird about reacting to the botox more in the place where you have the migraines… Hoping it continues to help the migraines! Fingers crossed…

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