What were they thinking???

I hope you had a good weekend.  I have been crazy busy as usual. MT came home at the unbelievable hour of 3am from work and since the weather was really really bad (blizzarding) I stayed up to make sure he was safe.

It’s a mother’s prerogative.

Which then meant I would be a marshmallow for the rest of the day. No actual muscles working and zero brain power. Super helpful.

I don’t know why…I’m up until 2 plenty but that third hour must be the breaking point.LOL

So I obviously can’t go for a run right away, I need to take a little rest somewhere throughout the day. Because I physically could not run if my life depended on it at that moment.  Company waits for no man! I spent the morning straightening up the house with little things like vacuuming and so on. Yes, I FINALLY got to vacuum, you have no idea how desperate I was. Sean totally helped me. The stairs were killing my hands so he took over and did the upstairs. He rocks.

I cooked some bacon for the sandwiches (workin’ on grilled cheese to see how we like the new panini maker) and just puttered around.  Family filters in and we chat about the day. Shaughnessy got up in the snow and ran the 5k we all ditched due to the weather. She said the sidewalks were totally clear.

Welcome to Denver. Crazy.

Speaking of races…it was the Mother’s Day 5k  in Denver and it’s a pretty big race.  I’m betting the field was smaller this year because of the blizzard the night before.  There were 527 finishers.

The race partners with HERA Women’s Cancer Foundation, a local nonprofit dedicated to eliminating ovarian cancer. So a portion of your race fees goes to this foundation and you have the option of adding a donation.

The unfortunate choice was the t shirt ~as you can see by the look on Shaughnessy’s face when she texts me the photo of her in it. She was happy to point out she got mine for me, too! Uh..thanks. You can just swing past and donate it.  I don’t even need to own that. Yikes.


In case you can’t read it, it says “YAY OVARIES!”


We all struggled to stay awake the rest of the day except theboy. I know…shocker there. All the kids brought me flowers except Shaughnessy and Adam who brought me a darling little plant which I will do my level best not to kill.  It’s so pretty and it’s got my name in it…it’s a Begonia foliosa~ a fern leaf begonia.

I’m going to kill it. I’ve accepted it’s fate. But at least I’ll enjoy it before it has to go.


At the end of the day I did get a nap it and that gave me the energy to throw out four miles on the treadmill, do about 15 minutes of yoga and foam roll. My leg was SO much happier.

I see the chiropractor today and he’ll yell at me but whatever. I know he really likes me so he just wants me better.


What’s the worst t shirt you ever got in a race?



style of t shirt?

This might be it for me and I never even touched it. It was good enough via text…


Run on…

4 Replies to “What were they thinking???”

  1. Just neglect the plant, that seems to work for me. Any time I try to keep it alive, very carefully, I just lose it.

    1. good plan! I might do that.

      Although they are here often enough they might be able to save it for me. Plant owners by proxy… 😉

    1. I wonder why the picture doesn’t work? I’m sad. It’s a bad shirt. 🙁 I’m going to try and fix it but yes. Rest assured it’s awful.

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