Sometimes heading out for the day is as hard as getting started for the first time

We’re all just winging it.

I had my chiropractor appointment.

It really does make me feel better though it really does hurt when I go. I try not to tell my doctor that but he may have a clue since I’m a little vocal with my “ow!” when he hits the right spot.

Which is pretty much every spot as he works his way down my back and all the way to my feet. Oh man. My feet. sigh. It all hurts. But yes, I do feel better.

He always asks me how I feel after and I never really notice a difference right away but I do feel it as I go about the rest of the day. Yesterday I noticed it right away when I bent down to tie my shoe.  I’ve really been hurting so it was pretty noticeable.

I’m clearly twisted and he shakes his head at how completely unbalanced I am. And he’s so nice he doesn’t even make the clearly obvious joke there.



I just went downstairs to do something and realized I forgot to paint the bathroom.

Yes, that’s right.

You heard me.

I forgot to paint the bathroom.

I know, most people forget to load the dishwasher or put a load of laundry in.

I forgot to paint and entire room.

I started it though so it’s pretty obvious it’s mid-work.

That’s pretty awesome. I have a whole houseful of people coming and I forgot to paint a room.

Now, I could call this a HUGE issue…I mean, who does that??

Or…I could laugh it off, paint “under construction” on it and remember that everyone there is going to family and friends so no one will judge me.

OH…they’ll all be judging me on the inside …hehe…but on the outside they’ll be totally polite. LOL

emma stone animated GIF

***just kidding Mom***

Sometimes getting out the door…let’s be honest…it’s hard.

It’s cold.

It’s hot.

It’s wet. (so true for Denver right now)

It’s humid.

It’s just generally too hard and you don’t want to do it.

Running isn’t easy!

This is all true for those of us who LOVE to run, we’re addicted to running and if you told us tomorrow we couldn’t run we’d cry and sulk and immediately panic at the possibility we’d never run again. 

And again…we LOVE to run!

You can imagine what it feels like to decide to run. To decide to change your life for the better and head out the door, hit the street and put one foot in front of the other…and face the unknown.
It’s going to be so uncomfortable.
I can’t do it.
I can’t be a runner.
I’m not strong.
I’m not an athlete.
I’m not in shape.
I don’t have the time.
I don’t have the energy.
I don’t have enough courage.
But I believe in you. I think you do. I think you have enough in you to do it. Because we were all you once. And we all step back and have to start again. And when we do we are all beginners again. 

We are all the same. 

Run on…and I hope to see you on the road. 

6 Replies to “Sometimes heading out for the day is as hard as getting started for the first time”

  1. When I struggle, I think of where I started from with running after so many years of not. It seemed impossible at the time. Brief runs where your just trying to jog for a few minutes and not drop dead.

    Don’t sweat the unpainted room, you got bigger things to worry about. Hoping for better weather for graduation, great visits and celebrating. Enjoy the special moments. I’m not a crier, but I teared up all day when our boy graduated.

    Take lots of pictures!!

    1. me, too! I totally do that. I just remember it’s not that far, if I just persevere every day a little at a time.

      But I remember being so intimidated at how hard it was to start. And start again. I mean, I’ve restarted a few times in my lifetime so I have a lot of practice. LOL It’s just important to remember we’re not special. We’re just ordinary people who decided to run.

      I kind of chuckled when I saw the room this morning. Who does that? It’s just a little bathroom so it’s no big deal. The rest of the house is fine so it’s just a little room. They’ll all laugh it off.

      I am a crazy person with photos!

  2. Ha! Oh man. That room will get painted eventually, I’m sure 🙂

    Glad the chiro helped. 🙂

    Oh, and I’ve always loved the quote that goes something like “The hardest step a runner takes is the first one out the door.” I definitely struggle with just getting out there…

    1. Yes. That’s the best quote because it’s so true. Making yourself start. Sigh. I’m having that issue at this moment. LOL

      I’m not worried about the room.But it’s kind of funny…

      Yeah, My chiropractor definitely helps. I love him.

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