If I could go back…oh the places I’d go and the choices I’d make.

First, typed at home…published from work so I don’t know what will come through or not…if it’s bad I’ll fix it when I get home. Sorry!
I was at King Sooper the other day and I stopped in the candy aisle to grab some gummies.

yep. I know. I do eat a lot of gummies.  Moving along…

As I turn to leave the aisle I see a man and his son leaving the aisle.

The kid is probably about 8 years old…

The dad has a giant bag of sour gummies in his hand.

The kid has finally decided and has a giant bag of Mike n Ike’s in his hand.

Both dad and son are very overweight. 

It was a sad moment.

Did I rethink my gummy choice?

No. Why not?

Because 90% of what I eat is healthy. 90%
I am by no means perfect.

And I am by no means a great example.

But I did try to show my kids there was a right way and a wrong way.

I also tried to show them you could have a great time AND you could follow the rules.

We tried very hard to keep as much healthy stuff in the house, it was available to them. And even though I wasn’t very good at that, as I learned I tried to teach them, too. I was always learning.

But we LOVED “random cake day“.  I would buy a random cake, no matter what it said, and we would eat that all day no matter what. It wasn’t every day. It was once in a while. But it was fun. Oh hell yes. It was a good time. 

We’d just walk into the kitchen and grab a slice of cake.

Was it a lot of sugar? well, yes it was.

Was it processed? well, yes it was

Was it bad for them? well, yes it was

would I do it again? in a heartbeat. Because it was fun. And you have to let your hair down sometimes.

But it’s so important to remember a healthy balance. 

That good clean food has to come first.

My kids really struggled with that and some still do.

They come by it honestly.

They weren’t “picky” (though I do say that, it’s wrong).

It is a legitimate and deep dislike for a majority of foods and I will be honest, it is a painful way to live. I started it and Shaughnessy and MT followed.

No, they didn’t learn from me. They were given all kinds of choices when they were babies and little. We didn’t want them to have these difficulties. We wanted them to have every experience.

It was clear early on they would have none of it.

When you have an immediate dislike for a vegetable or a fruit or a meal or anything, it’s there. It’s the smell or the texture or the sight or the combination of anything.

Biggest piece of advice as a parent of someone who has difficulty eating and being someone who has difficulty eating:

Don’t force them to eat it. The three bite rule…kind of sucks. I tried it. I gave it my best shot.

My mom made me eat liver. I politely gave it right back to her at the table. There’s a memory for you. She never made me eat anything again.

Did I learn from that?

britney spears animated GIF

or…you don’t.

No. We made dinner for the kids. It had beans in it. I told Shaughnessy three bites and she could be done.

She gave it right back to me.

That’s the last time I ever made any of my kids eat anything. If they don’t want to eat, they don’t have to.

It’s frustrating. It’s led to fights. Tears.

hbo animated GIF


why animated GIF

MT really struggles to find something to eat. But he’s eighteen, he’ll find his way just like Shaughnessy and I did. I gave it up to God to worry about. It was making me insane.


Shaughnessy and I were just talking to Alex the other day about why we should like cottage cheese (gross). At the end of the conversation and after googling extensively…we have decided we’re okay without it. Neither of us has ever tasted it and I for one never will. That is a texture and a sight I want no part of. Though we did discuss putting it in pancakes there are so many other options why bother?

Beets. Like really? ::shudder::

I personally don’t do mushrooms. (I don’t do slimy anything)

MT doesn’t like meat and had to be convinced to eat it. He just really started eating meat about…two years ago?  He’s eighteen. Did he eat beans to get his good protein?

Neither of my kids eat beans. No no no on the beans.

He didn’t like potatoes either. Alex had vanilla ice cream once and MT wanted it, Alex told him it was mashed potatoes. Interest gone.

It was always a balancing act trying to find something everyone liked. This was a job I failed at miserably and thus cooking was not something I really wanted to do. But it’s so important to give your kids a great foundation of healthy eating and taking good care of yourself.

It’s also important to honor everyone’s issue’s and not introduce unnecessary emotions into the scenario. There’s so much stress involved in this…food involved survival…there’s no place for anger or frustration.  I pretty much failed at that, too. Finding the best way to make sure your family gets the healthiest food is really the goal.

And supplement. Good quality supplement.

And now I’ll remind everyone children are resilient. Let nature kick in. And don’t stress. If a kid wants chicken nuggets every day for a year…they won’t die. I promise.

I ate scrambled eggs for lunch every day for a year. I’m pretty healthy.

Take care of you and don’t stress the small stuff.

the office animated GIF

But also…make good choices. So maybe look at what your child is eating before allowing a bag of Mike n Ike’s or Sour Gummies.

Parenting is a learning curve.

If I had it to do again I’d make a million different choices.

Would they eat the same way?

probably. Because they didn’t eat that way because of my choices. Those were their natural tastes.

Would they still get random cake day?


Would they still get sour gummies?


I felt sad for the little kid. He’s getting the worst start ever. What a terrible foundation into the world.


I loaded the old deck into the dumpster and I’m pretty bummed I’m not sore. I think I did at least half of it, maybe a little more and hello…not sore at all.

I feel a little ripped off. I didn’t work out that day because I wanted to call that cross training!


Yesterday Sean worked on the deck so I hung out with him and gave him much needed moral support, by stealing his hammer and level multiple times.

It’s keeping him on his toes, right?


So today I’m going to throw out some miles later after I get a haircut.

The weather report just told  me it’s going to rain on Sunday just in time for Colfax.

pretty excited right there.

excited animated GIF

I can’t motivate you from work. My computer blocks it.
Sad day.

A day without motivation is indeed sad.


Strawberries in my oatmeal this morning.

It’s the little things…

4 Replies to “If I could go back…oh the places I’d go and the choices I’d make.”

  1. Thing I can’t stand to be around at all or eat is creamed corn. I sat at the table 30 minutes after everyone else as a kid refusing to eat it. I’m fussy, but our boy is twice as fussy with food. In the past few years, I’ve come around yo trying new things and not just saying nope that’s disgusting.

    I prefer a few vegetables and want to eat those–all the time. My hubby loves mushrooms so much that he wore me out early in our marriage with cooking them too much. As a result, I will rarely eat even a few. He could eat them with every meal.

    We had a good 5-8 years where all our boy ever wanted to eat was a burger, chicken nuggets or a chicken sandwich. He wanted French fries with every meal. As a result, he was overweight for awhile. Getting him to eat much of anything else other than cereal was impossible. He didn’t want to hear about eating more fruits and veggies, a balanced diet or cheating occasionally. Exercise was for other people, not him.

    We rarely kept junk food in the house. Changed that about two years ago, we usually have pretzels, Fritos and an occasional bag of chips in our house.

    I’m grumpy and so sick of this weather. I expect it to just rain everyday.

    We are running a 5K Saturday. You doing the marathon Saturday? I can’t remember.

    1. Ha, Diane your comment cracked me up.
      As a kid I tried creamed corn but yeah…it’s not too yummy. I don’t blame you. I do try new things for the most part, there are only a few I just can’t bring myself to try. Cottage Cheese being one of them.
      Kids go through so many phases of eating and it’s so difficult to get them to eat. Encouraging them to eat applesauce instead of fries. Eat apple slices instead of chips.Eat carrots instead of…and so it goes. Baby steps. Right? Again, I totally think they figure it out as time goes on.
      We aren’t huge junk food people but we do have some. We are big exercise people though. I was always more worried about the eating habits. It’s so frustrating!

      It made me laugh when you said you were grumpy and sick of the weather. I hear you. The weather is not cooperating. I’m sorry you’re grumpy. I hope the 5k goes well! Have you found a house yet?
      I’m doing the half on Sunday. And I did have a panic moment when you said Saturday…LOL. Whew.

  2. Good luck at Colfax!

    I always think reading about people’s food aversions is interesting (Neither Jeremy nor I like mushrooms!)…

    I feel like I had more to say about this, but let’s be honest – all I can think about now is cake…. 😉

    1. Thanks!!
      I think food aversions are interesting, too! Weird, huh? Mushrooms are slimy.
      I like cake, too. I’m with you. 😉

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