Brain System Malfunction. It’s a thing. I’m sure of it.

Last night I spent some time with some down and dirty yoga and stretching.

I want to clarify, I do basic yoga.

Beginner yoga.

You-can-barely-call-it-yoga yoga.

But my legs appreciate the stretching and thank me for the muscle strength and as I get a little stronger…

hear that? that’s positive thinking right there…

30 rock animated GIF

…as I get a little stronger I’ll jump venture carefully into the more adventurous poses.

So I’m getting ready for work and I’m putting on my makeup and I have a buzzing in my head. 

I choose to ignore it as I have no room in my world for more symptoms. No Sir no Ma’am.

I have enough going on in my world with Celiac and migraines, right?

aint nobody got time for that animated GIF

Makeup applied and we are moving on.

And then it comes to me.

Sigh. It was my phone.


receiving a text

doing something on silent…



I actually DO have issues. Brain System Malfunction.

I’m pretty sure it’s a real thing.

But I’m afraid to Google it and find out for sure.

working animated GIF


Just read this article on Buzzfeed and it made me beyond happy…

What a great teacher and a great dad.


When I was driving to Castle Rock to do the incline, before the Great Injury of 2015, I would leave Castle Rock and the “check engine” light would come on in my Jeep.

Happened the first time and I thought…huh. Hope everything is okay.  The next day it was off and I heavy sighed with relief.

The second time it happened I thought ~well that’s just weird.

Yesterday I drove to get my hair cut and on the way back~through torrential rains…so not fun~ I pass Castle Rock.

The “check engine” light comes on.


No clues, People.


Sean thinks it might have something to do with the elevation.

Elevation of Castle Rock 6224 ft

Elevation Aurora 5471 ft

I think it just doesn’t want me to go to Castle Rock.


Family coming in tonight!

I have to pick up some groceries and stuff and get a run in for tonight and of course…


Because I’m pretty sure my chiropractor is like Santa.

He knows when I’ve been good and he knows when I’ve been bad.

And he’ll totally yell at me when I get there on Monday and  I haven’t stretched and I have zero turning radius. ~that’s how I think of it. Like my Jeep in four wheel drive. If I just turn that off I’ll have much more freedom of movement~.

I wonder if he’d appreciate that metaphor?

no animated GIF


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Run on…

6 Replies to “Brain System Malfunction. It’s a thing. I’m sure of it.”

  1. All yoga is yoga! No matter how beginner-ey it may seem. I have been doing yoga for ages and still love mainly beginner classes! 🙂
    Hahah brain malfunction is definitely a thing. Aka my everyday life 😉

    1. I agree totally! I figure I should clarify for people who think I may be doing the more intense yoga…like you! Uh…no. I’m just stretchin’! LOL

        1. LOL..whatever. I follow the Montielactivewear on Instagram for their gorgeous sportswear…oh man. The photos. They put me to shame. Of course the women are all 5’11” and 100 lbs and so they are tall and thin and bendy bendy bendy. CRAZY.

  2. I agree that all yoga is yoga 🙂 I usually do two classes a week. One is more intense. The other is, well, not. But I need both 🙂

    I love that story about the professor with the baby. Though in our classes, there are pretty strict rules about not having children in the classroom (liability, etc).

    1. Your classes sound like they sucked all the joy right out of it. No babies. Where’s the fun in THAT? I thought it was the best story.

      I only ever do the beginner class and I should probably drag myself to the actual class. Really. I don’t love their schedule though. Maybe I’ll work on it.

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