Don’t run with scissors…

Or down the stairs in flip flops on slippery floors while carrying too many boxes…HELLO!!

Several months ago Michelle told me she was running Colfax on a team to support the elementary school her kids attend. She was running it with a friend and I didn’t feel like running it again.

Time passed and I asked how training was going and she said she hated it but whatever and her training partner was injured so I junped in to run it with her.

I’ll do anything, Ya’ll know that.

The day before the race I got a text from  Michelle that said she’d had an accident.

She fell down the stairs at her mom’s house…newly polished wood stairs …running in flip flops…while carrying things…

What lesson did we learn here, Children?

lesson animated GIF


She fell…

She’s okay but she hit really hard on her back and it was bad.

The next morning she wanted to run so we gave it a shot.  Girl is a trooper.

Off we went and made it through the first mile without TOO much pain..just the warm up …our cut off was the zoo. We didn’t want to run halfway and ditch so we gave ourselves the zoo. That was three miles. At the zoo she said she didn’t think she could do it. It was pretty painful. Who could blame her?  I’m sure we got some strange looks leaving the zoo with everyone else but hangin’ a left instead of a right like who could possibly be THAT LOST…

but hey…it worked for us. And whoa the muscles in her back were NOT happy when she stopped to walk to the car and that was only after three miles can you imagine thirteen?  Yikes.

Did we plan to bail? 

No. Nor do I ever go into a race half assed and thinking I just don’t care. I figure I’ll do the best I can and whatever my body has I’ll give. 

Did we want to bail?

No. We discussed it for three miles.  How does it feel? Think it’ll loosen up enough? Uphill any better than downhill? Is EVERY step painful? I mean…thirteen miles is a long time when you have a back injury.

Do we regret bailing?


Do we take it lightly?


Do we take good care of ourselves?


Did she go to the doctor?

No. She pulled the same muscle in her back in January, she thinks that’s the same injury. She said if it doesn’t feel better in the next few days she’ll go but for now it’s just a pulled muscle. I wouldn’t have gone to the doctor either so I don’t blame her.

We start training for Chicago in a few weeks and she has two little boys at home with her. Priorities, right?

Could I have kept running? I suppose, but I didn’t care enough. Sorry Folks.

I have friends who wouldn’t DREAM of not finishing a race but I guess I’m not them.

Newsflash…sometimes I don’t finish books either.

I KNOW> I’m out of control.

If I don’t like it…I don’t finish it. ***Crazy talk***

Some races have my heart and some races I’m in it for the company.

I also knew my chiropractor ~ Dr.O~ would be super happy I wasn’t running and guess what…

he was.

happy animated GIF

Okay. He probably wasn’t THAT relieved. And he’d be THRILLED to see the GIF I used for him. LOL

He told me today he was very relieved I only technically ran a 5k. LOL

I will say my legs were itching to run a little farther that day but they were okay with not going the distance, too.


So no Colfax this year. And if you recall from two years ago…Michelle and I are starting to wonder if maybe we shouldn’t run Colfax? Is it trying to tell us something?  We’re getting the clue.


It’s been a busy but fun weekend…

Per Colfax…

Trust yourself.  Learn to pay attention to your inner voice

Run on…and follow your own path.

8 Replies to “Don’t run with scissors…”

  1. I like that last quote 🙂
    Next year, I’m just gonna do Bolder Boulder and ignore Colfax.

    1. Uh…yeah. The universe is kind of yelling at us at this point. 🙂 Besides, the BB is awesome. I love it.

    1. She definitely didn’t need to be running and I was okay either way. So yes, I agree completely! I needed a run for sure. It’s been a long week!

  2. Wow, Michelle is tough. I wouldn’t have even attempted a race if I hurt my back. Yep, I’d be crossing Colfax off the list too.

    Sorry to hear that it wasn’t the day you two had planned. But, Michelle could have really did a number on her back had she continued. Hoping she’s well soon and back to running.

    1. Can you believe she even did that? Girl is nuts. She always does that kind of thing. And it really is a great course…Super interesting. We just have really bad luck!
      I’m so glad she stopped. I was worried, too!

    1. That’s the worst part. That it came right on the heels of the Mother’s Day race I ditched for the weather. I’m starting to feel like a slacker. LOL

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