This eating thing…I’ll never figure it out.

So after much reading and talking to Andrea who said “I know what causes that!” and “I know what causes that, too!” I have a little better plan going forward.

We both are a little bewildered still by the grapes reaction. It was SO fast and so hard and I actually had to step back and go upstairs to sleep. Thank the Lord I get up early because I had the time to sleep before getting ready for work.

It was profoundly unfriendly.

Back when my doctor was questioning the hypoglycemic thing I was trying to eat six little meals a day or every two to three hours. I honestly can’t remember if it helped or not. But now I’m trying that again because I am seriously over the crash.

The plan today is six meals a day and I might even (gasp) post it so I have some accountability. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it.


My sweet husband gets home today and I.can’t.wait.

That is all I need to say about that. I miss his face.

love animated GIF

Oh yeah…MT is with him. I missed him, too. He’s a teenager and a boy. So he’s been gone and I haven’t had his eyerolling-grilled-cheese-eating-irritated-with-life-self-around. WHATEVER. LOL.

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Fine, I missed him, too.


We’reinadrought we’reinadrought we’reinadrought

I’mgratefulforrain I’mgratefulforrain I’mgratefulforrain

Tiny little mantras I repeat over and over as I look once again at the weather pouring on my new deck that is actually turning gray in spots because it hasn’t been dry enough to get anything on it to protect it and I realize…this will be a wet morning run.

The bright side is that I love running in the rain so I decided to just do it and enjoy it. It’s the walking out the door INTO it that’s hard. Not the running in it that’s hard.

Surprise surprise I didn’t melt. Check one thing off…I’m not a bad witch.

What a world, what a world!!


Do you run in the rain?

Would you rather opt for a gym workout or does it depend on how much rain?

Do you stretch before and after?

dynamic and static stretching…making sure you take care of yourself. I think we need a reminder post. If only for me. 

BodyRock Daily Motivation ... (34 Pictures) |

"Running in the rain makes me feel that I can handle the whole world." #Fitness #Inspiration #Quote


Run on…

6 Replies to “This eating thing…I’ll never figure it out.”

  1. Crashing after those grapes sounds pretty intense!
    I am not a fan of running in the rain simply because I always seem to get a horrible cold after.
    I am pretty good at stretching/doing yoga after a run but I’m terrible at doing dynamic stretching beforehand! I tend to just job slowly for about five minutes until I feel warmed up… Could probably improve on this haha

    1. Huh…I never get sick from running in the rain. I wonder why that is? Maybe I’m over dressed LOL. I’m always over dressed because I’m always over cold.
      I’ve gotten much better at stretching/doing yoga afterwards, too. But the dynamic stretching? Why the heck can’t I get that? I think we all could use a good improvement on this.

    1. Sometimes I talk about something that happened the day before. If you ever missed that story…you can always go to the top of the page and there’s a link to the previous blog pointing to the left.

      The previous I woke up with zero pain and feeling really good and not tired at all. I came downstairs, took my meds…felt really awesome. Ate a handful of grapes and five minutes later crashed like no tomorrow. Like yawning, tired…had to go back to bed and sleep before work. It was bad. No clue why. Andrea was thinking it was a food intolerance but I love grapes and eat them a lot. So I’m not sure what that’s about. I’m wondering a blood sugar thing? No clue. I’m taking notes and talking to my doctor to see if she has a clue. Now I’m keeping track of my food. I love Celiac. 😉

  2. This is super late (and I’m probably not going to comment on all the missed posts!), but I so feel you on never figuring out this food thing…..

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