This is Memorial Day.


This is the day we remember the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our military. 

Our family remembers Cpl Steele Meis. Alexander lost too many friends but we as a family knew Steele. He joined the Marines at the same time Alex Michael and Corey did and they went off to basic training the same day. Watching those three boys go was so hard. Meeting his parents, Holly and Chris, and hearing them talk about it and having the same fears as we did…it was so hard knowing how real it was. It was such a scary surreal day.

A little over two years later on March 17th, 2011,  Alex Michael called me at work to tell me Steele had been killed in Afghanistan and my heart broke into a million little pieces.

So many things happen to change our world. I found a friend, my Holly, and I lost her this year to cancer. I feel like this Memorial Day I need to remember Steele and Holly because losing Steele was so heartbreaking, so earth shattering, so life changing it allowed this cancer to eat away at Holly and she just didn’t have enough strength to fight it off.

In my mind this war took them both.

This Memorial Day I’ll be thinking of a lot of people…

Steele and Holly and what’s left of their family, close and extended. And even though it’s not Veteran’s Day I think I’ll add a few extra thoughts for those people who are just collateral damage and affected nonetheless.

My love and prayers to all those people and their families.

Remember the reason for Memorial Day.  Thank a gold-star family, remember a veteran in your life, honor the brave who paid the ultimate sacrifice. -


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