Bolder Boulder Baby…

Monday I ran the Bolder Boulder and oh my gosh it was incredible as usual.

Sean and I do try to run it every year…

Last year we had to miss it because Erin from Make.Believe  got married and had the nerve to invite us. And of course we had the BEST weekend. Totally worth it.

We used to do it as a family. As the years have progressed, we’ve dropped off family members one by one.

Alex Michael doesn’t run unless he’s chasing a ball.


MT either.

lisa kudrow animated GIF

Shaughnessy runs, Adam, too. But the BB is REALLY REALLY expensive and she could run two races, maybe three for the cost of this one.

ridiculous animated GIF

It’s a great experience but I don’t blame her a bit, every year we complain about the price as we’re handing over our credit card because we love it so much.

I wonder if we’re brain washed?

I will say that this year the shirts were a bit of a disappointment.

Sean always buys the tech tee…yes folks for $50 you get a cotton t shirt. The price for the tech tee was $65. That’s right…$65. I think I registered May 2nd. I was still in the fairly inexpensive section. I could have got the tech tee for $60..what a bargain. ::sarcasm::

Here’s the t shirt breakdown:

BB prices


I’ll give more details on the review page…but for now we can all gasp at the cost and wonder how I’ll eat for the next month…gluten free mac and cheese? I don’t think so…

Meanwhile…when Sean’s t shirt shows up…it’s like…baby blue.

Pretty unfriendly for a $65 price tag.  bleah. He says he will not be wearing that. How upsetting is that?

I feel bad.

Here’s what’s worse…

Sean got sick. Yep. Sick. It’s been creeping up for a few days and at 3am the day of the race it was clear there was no 6.2 miles happening.

This is tragic.

I was sad. It’s been a lot of years since I ran it alone and what’s worse is when I did run it alone they always came to spectate so we could watch the events after together.

I was a bit lonely but definitely on auto pilot.

I headed out with my GPS to guide me because I wanted to make sure I didn’t head in the wrong direction once I got into Boulder.

My faithful GPS promptly guided me straight to the bad side of town and nowhere near where I needed to be. Gotta love Google Maps.

I used my wits…yep…still have some of those and they are FREE…and figured my own way out and found our usual parking in the Target parking lot, ran the three blocks to the race and lined up with my wave and 8 minutes to spare. Whew.


sidebar:: I did consider parking at the Boulder Marijuana Co and taking a selfie for my kids but I ran out of time. It would have been good though. They would have enjoyed that. Welcome to Colorado. sigh.

The Bolder Boulder is not an easy race. It’s run at altitude (it’s ok…I train at altitude and guess what? Aurora is actually higher than Boulder, WHO KNEW?) and it is HILLY.

So unfriendly.

Here’s the really REALLY unfriendly part.

I went to bed at midnight and woke up at 3am. I ran that sucker on three hours. I was tired. My legs were tired. My head was tired. I was SO tired.

And I noticed as the race went on…the later miles were super crowded…I actually found there were a few spots that were bottlenecked and I had to stop and walk. That never happens to me in this race…I was VERY surprised.


I finished pretty cheerfully and had no issues with the finish which is UPHILL (I cannot stand the finish and ALWAYS have to stop and gasp and wheeze halfway up the hill…how demoralizing) and it was very cool.  I definitely think running the whole race is a good sign. 🙂

Here’s my Garmin and the race’s splits…they are a little off but that is to be expected…

BB                Garminbb2

The first one is the BB official splits and the second one is my Garmin. I noticed as I ran my Garmin would hit the mile marker earlier and earlier before the BB mile marker.

But look at the finish?  Guess it caught up, huh?  Crazy.


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Run on…

6 Replies to “Bolder Boulder Baby…”

  1. You rocked it, Tess. We bought our BB packages in February, a bit cheaper. I didn’t like the shirts either, especially the long sleeve one.

    My time was 1:10:43.40. TMI: I had to stop to pee just before the 3 mile marker and someone peed everywhere in the porta potty that I got. I was hoping to finish a few minutes faster, but I finished exactly where I thought I’d be.

    Seemed like lots more walkers this year, I did a lot more weaving around others than I expected. We ended up in a wave twenty some minutes later than ours because we took the long way walking in and the bag drop line was so long and slow.

    I didn’t mind the hills this year, what a difference another year of training made. I embraced them and noticed so many walking. The worst part for me was the massive crowd walking up last hill into the stadium when you just want to finish.

    Best part for me was all the kids high fiving.

    1. Thanks Diane! That’s a great time, too. I was hoping Sean and I would come in under 70 and I was fairly confident I could come in close to an hour but on 3 hours sleep I headed out giving up that dream. LOL

      That is totally gross on the porta potty story. Seriously. I’m so sorry. 🙁

      Maybe that’s it…the walkers? We usually hang out in one of the back waves as I almost always have a walker family member but we were up close this time and I was so surprised by how cluttered it was. Crazy. And this Colorado place is so hilly how can we not train on the hills right?

      I loved the kids high fiving!! And the little ones with the marshmallows?? So cute!! I love this race.

  2. Tess, my take is that far too many that run the Bolder Boulder rarely run and they end up walking a great deal of the race.

    Yep, gross. That image will give me pause about porta pottys for some time to come.

    1. OH yes, I think they do. For some reason I just don’t mind. There is such a sense of community involved I love the whole experience.

      and that image may give ME pause…and I wasn’t there. LOL

  3. Congrats on the BB! That one is on my list… Would love to run it someday.

    And sorry (not sorry) again for ruining your BB last year 😉

    1. Totally worth missing it last year! And thanks! It’s worth doing at least once for the experience.

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