I trust God. He gets the job done. Sometimes it’s hard to watch though…you know…that whole free will thing.

When Alex Michael was two years old he almost fell out of a third story window. There’s a long tale involved and I condensed it to one sentence. Suffice it to say, angels saved him. God. I believe this. I saw it. I know it. No one can tell me different. And you may think I’m crazy but he’s alive today and it’s a miracle. Well…after that I prayed to God that he give Alex a few more guardian angels because I just couldn’t watch him as much as he clearly needed it. I just couldn’t.

This doesn’t mean that Alex is more special that any one else’s child.  And it doesn’t mean I love him more than my other children…(most days..LOL).  It just means that he was born with the more adventurous ~I’ll try anything at least once~ gene and I said “God help me” more times than I can count. It was just so terrifying that at a certain point you have to decide that it isn’t really in your hands. I can’t watch him every minute. I’ll do the best I can and I’m going to trust a higher power to handle the rest. So far, he’s done a great job.

I believe THAT’S why he’s alive today. Extra help.

He’s had at least four concussions, broken his wrist twice, stitches three times and should have been four, hit by a Mack truck (yep…you read that right), gone to war, and up until last Monday he put his motorcycle down twice.

Last Monday it was the third and last time. That motorcycle is gone..and to many many pieces. There’s really no reason he should have walked away from that accident.  But he did. He’s okay. Covered in road rash and bruises. And has another concussion. But he’s okay. And we are beyond grateful he’s okay.  I won’t do a snoopy dance that the motorcycle is gone…publicly. But I might privately.

On Wednesday I was off being balanced at work. I had such a slow day I couldn’t believe that happened and I still couldn’t find it my damn $5. What the hell?

Thursday MT was in a minor car accident. His truck is temporarily out of commission but everyone is okay.  Bonus: the other driver was as nice as MT, how cool is that?

I was talking to MT on Thursday night about our week and he said, “Did somebody break a mirror?!” 

Right? I just wanted to bubble wrap my little family. It’s been a really tough week.

But by the grace of God we are all in one piece and still going strong.


On Saturday I headed out for a quick 4 mile run  it was GORGEOUS.  You have to love a beautiful day. Blue sky and all.


Here’s a little secret though…I love the rain.

Not the rain like Houston is getting…but the rain Denver was getting wasn’t TOO bad…maybe just a little bit less so I have time to get a run in and not soaked.

I just don’t love running in the heat.

sigh. I know. Nothing makes me happy.

I’m so high maintenance!

I’m okay with that.


pause for random conversation:

“Why is Naked and Afraid a real show?”~MT

“That show is actually pretty interesting”~Alex

We didn’t really know where to go with that…but apparently Alex will watch just about anything. Except Finding Bigfoot. The man has his standards after all.


Running in the rain! I seriously cannot wait for the warm rain this spring! Corey and I are gonna own the road. ;)

Run on…

Prayers for the flooding victims…I hope everyone is staying safe. 

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  1. Ok so I only watched naked and afraid so I could make fun of it but it really is interesting. Weird,but interesting. I wouldn’t recommend it for you but it is interesting.

    1. You know, as soon as someone says they don’t recommend it for me it makes me want to watch it. I am my mother’s child. A bit of a rebel. 😉

      1. Hahaha. Ok I get that but they have to catch and kill their own food.sometimes that’s too much for even me.

  2. Some parts I don’t watch either. And fyi not a chance I would sign up. Not even with a supermodels body

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