running in Arkansas would be pretty amazing…if only.

Standing in the airport in the DIA security line is seriously one of my favorite places to be. Ever.

>I mean besides anywhere with Sean because he makes me laugh and makes me always happy and puts up with me especially when I’m not my best self which was definitely this morning when I slept in and missed my alarm. Sorry Baby. Thanks for loving me. How’d you like that run on sentence?<

As I stand in security I am totally admiring the guy in front of me…okay, not the guy. His luggage. I have figured out I like luggage. That must be my thing.

This guy has a crossbody that is part trail part business. Sleek but rugged, Khaki. I loved it.  After scoping it out and stalking him I figured out it was a Tumi.  It looks like this one only not a mini. Pretty sweet…

sigh…I love bags.

Sorry to be random…


So I get to the front of security and I put my stuff in bins and I pass through the little ~Police! Get your hands up and don’t move!~ machine.  You know…the 360* thing…I always feel like a bandit when I’m in it.

Shut up. Bandit is a perfectly good word to use.

When I leave the machine, it’s still the same year, I look the same, it’s not the tine machine I hope it would be (I’ve always wanted to time travel)…and my laptop is nowhere to be found. I go back and forth…my fellow security line people are long gone and I still can’t find it. It is so tiny I start going through the bins that are stacked up. I go back through the line. I ask people if they’ve seen it. They start looking for it with me.

Finally a security person asks if this laptop belongs to me…

yes, yes it does…she had it behind the iron curtain...behind the line where I couldn’t see. Back where all the rules are. She asks me to step aside and takes me over to some big power grid thing and does some magic voodoo.

Then she hands it to me and tells me to have a good day. Okay, so that wasn’t stressful.

Thank, too.

I go over to the chairs to put my stuff away and a gentleman comes over and says, “now why would they take YOUR laptop out and give you that kind of scare? What is the point of THAT?!!

As I packed up my carry on I said very calmly, “it doesn’t matter…she’s just doing her job…it’s fine”….and I swung my bag up and headed to my train.

People need to lighten up.

Also…there are several things at my job working with the public that I have to do. It’s the law. People don’t like it and I have to do it. It’s so much easier when people are cool about it. Be cool, People. Just sayin’.


So…we got the rental car and we drove to Conway and here’s what I have to say…

holy cow Conway is freaking beautiful. No joke it’s incredible. I want to take a roadtrip. It’s amazing.

The green.

The businesses….

the houses…

The whole atmosphere vibe of the town is so incredible I really really just expect to see kids  just walkin’ down the street with a fishin’ rods.

I wish I had brought my running clothes ~so much.

***wait…stop the presses***

She did NOT just say that.

yes … yes loyal readers she did.

she’s lost her mind. That’s it. She’s lost her mind.

So I’m only gone for one full day. I left Tuesday…gone Wednesday…back Thursday. I figured I’d run Tuesday morning, skip Wednesday and run Thursday when I got back. Save myself the packing headache.

OH I was so so wrong. So.wrong. Also apparently I’m an idiot.

I would LOVE to run here in Conway. The streets are so amazing. The green….I just want to run because it’s so pretty!!


I mean…come ON.

I actually toyed with buying new shoes and a pair of shorts. But sanity prevailed.


Check this out…I have this list of places I’m DYING to see. Right? Like the Great Wall of China…The Hallelujah Mountains (also in China and not their real names but I’m too tired to look up their real names) you get the gist. Really amazing places, right?

My mom lands in Arkansas and is SO EXCITED to find out we have landed in the Bill and Hillary Clinton International Airport!
I’m thinking…okay. Really?
They have this whole wall dedicating it and everything.


Then she calls her husband and tells him and you know what he says??

I know, I thought so too But NO. He did NOT say she was nuts. He said,

“Did you get a picture??!!!”

She promised she would get a picture on the way back. I didn’t really know where to go with that so I just left it alone. We all have our thing.

Good thing I love them. They put up with my insanity, too.


I ran a very hurried two miles before I left this morning. Remember I slept in, missing my alarm? I didn’t have enough time to get a longer run in. But I can’t stand getting on a plane without a little run. So two miles would have to do it. It was swift and strong and I’ll take it.

The first mile was awesome and I felt so strong!  Then I realized half of it was downhill and it was all wind at my back. Geez…does that even count?

It’s going to have to. It was a good run.

Anyone here ever been to Arkansas? 


Run on…

6 Replies to “running in Arkansas would be pretty amazing…if only.”

  1. Safe travels! I hate not having running stuff with me. And I love bags (as you know).

    I almost applied for a job in Conway. Pretty much just for the name. (And my friend actually got said job I almost applied for.. )

    1. Thank you! Oh my gosh. It’s really really so beautiful here. And the campus is so pretty.

  2. I actually went to college in a little town in Arkansas! You’re right, it is a beautiful state (except the Southeast part…that’s all rice fields). Sadly, I lived there before I started running regularly. Also, one of my college roommates teaches English lit at the university in Conway.

    1. That’s very cool! It was so pretty. I liked it so much> I’d like to road trip there just to stop and take photos! And I missed the rice fields completely… lucky me!

  3. Hahaha. It is OK to laugh at Mom and Pop. We are old and as Bill says, we don’t get out much, hehe.

    1. everyone has their love and if that’s your thing. LOL. I thought it was funny as heck. You can laugh at me when I’m gasping for air on the Great Wall of China. And I so will be. 🙂

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