Turns out the alternative to planning is very cool. I get a date night.

I’m home.

I finally slept.

And I have a small list of things I’ve decided never to do again.

*  Eat out.

*  leave town without my running shoes

That would be it. I told you it was a small list.



My heart was ready to run first thing this morning but the act of waking up was like….um…


no animated GIF

my head was very very not happy. >understatement of the year<

Sean brought me some meds and I hung around for awhile waiting.

Dressed for a run but it needed more time.

Took more meds…

Watched some television while the meds attempted to work…

I’m hoping by tonight the worst of it will pass and I’ll have a break between storms and I can get a little run in.

this is super unfriendly though…


Meanwhile, MT is working…

Alex went home feeling much better…

and the house is quiet again.

stephen colbert animated GIF

Just my sweet husband and my annoying cat  super cuddly cat and puppy.


I think I’m doing well enough I’m going to pick up some groceries so my husband doesn’t starve to death. Seems we go through food remarkably fast in this house. They need me to get groceries like…every two or three weeks.

Ridiculously often. ::sarcasm::

I mean…shouldn’t fresh fruit and veggies and lunch meat LAST that long?

On the other hand, I just kept thinking we were out of eggs so yes…we have about six dozen in the fridge.

I could live on eggs so that’s not a problem. 

I’ll be fine. 

These poor guys, however, will surely starve to death or be forced to live on sour cream.

Yes. I still have multiple containers of sour cream.

Also…I just ate a LOT of cookies.

Don’t judge.

I’m not sorry. It’s really all I ate today. I needed food.  It counts.

emma stone animated GIF

shut up. It totally counts.


So about 8 hours have passed since I started this post and here is how I planned this day (foreshadowing, right?)…I always have two options:


I will start with a gorgeous morning run

I will shower

get dressed

head out to run my errands to include a pile of returns from May (soo many returns)

Groceries groceries groceries

Come home and head to a movie with my cute husband because he’s leaving me on Tuesday. 



Head out to run my errands to include a pile of returns from May (soo many returns)

groceries groceries groceries

movie with my husband (matinee!) because he’s leaving me on Tuesday

Relax a bit and then have a late afternoon run in the cool air

But instead this is how my day went…

I woke up and couldn’t move, remember? so I spent most of the day sitting on my butt not doing anything praying my head wouldn’t ACTUALLY explode.

Finally just gave up and got up and headed out to do those damn returns and groceries grocer…well hell you get the gist.

Now I’m home. It’s 7pm and guess what? My sweet husband has planned the movie….

I’ll run tomorrow. 

Story of my life.

Why? Because even though we tell ourselves to take care of ourselves first and to remember we come first…I want Sean and I to come first. I can take care of me the whole week he’s gone and I haven’t seen him all week long. Also…I haven’t seen him in forever really. It’s been a long month for us. We’ve been so busy.  This week won’t kill me taking off and my head deserves it.

I may sleep through the movie.

take care of who you love. It’s way more important.

Even from just the sound of your voice on the phone in the morning or late at night......you rock my world Eva.


I miss my kids. They are all on my mind. That is all.


very true. I love running because even though I do feel stronger day by day, its something that I will never stop improving on. Some days I feel like I can run forever and some days I feel slumped after 1 mile. Every day I run it a chance to improve no matter what shape I am in

Run on…

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    1. I love you, too and so far I don’t want to die so right there it’s better, right? ha.

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