So…my sweater is on backwards. I wonder if that is a sign of the day to come…hmmm

Please Note: I started this post Sunday morning so how confused are you now? Geez I have to stop doing that to you guys… 

Seriously…it’s 11:30 in the morning and my sweater is totally choking me. I finally in frustration grab the collar and think…what the hell?  Yes….I put my sweater on backwards five hours ago. FIVE HOURS AGO. I am a rocket scientist.

When we lived in Germany I found these fabulous little sponges made by Skilcraft.  I love these sponges. They are perfect. They have a little netting for some grab, and they don’t get all smelly and gross. Just…great sponges. Perfect size for my hands.  We are all addicted. Well, that was 1989 so I’ve been buying those sponges for…twenty….wow.

Shut up. I’m old, okay?

We go through withdrawal when we can’t find them and they’ve been out for awhile. It’s the second time they’ve done this.

I finally snapped and found them online.  I know. I’m SO weird. has them and we are so happy now! That’s what I did this morning. I ordered sponges. And I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be getting my sponges in. And I’m not the only one. Seriously…it takes so little.

it’s the little things.

Geez I need a life.


The insurance company totaled MT’s truck (it wasn’t worth too much but enough to help him get another little truck which is GREAT news) and he finally today found another one. So we headed down to Castle Rock to check it out. It’s always a perk to know you’re buying from a police officer. Maybe they’ll still swindle us? But I feel like I am a little safer ethically, just sayin’. Plus I totally have garage envy. The man’s garage was cleaner than my kitchen. Sigh.

MT is going to pick it up tomorrow and then I’ll post a picture that hopefully you’ll all appreciate. It’s kind of a giggle.


Sean and I went from there to have a short hike at Red Rocks…just maybe about 4 miles.  We weren’t super prepared because we had to fly out the door to go check out the truck so the sum total of what I had with me in my bag was my cell phone, a pen, half a bottle of water and a kind bar.

Okay, if you really want the truth it’s my workout bag. I needed a bag in a hurry so I grabbed the one by the door.  So I also had pepper spray, the cheat sheet workouts I do, a notebook (hey..that’s important I suddenly realize) and um…a few girl items because I always have those. Like…always. All SUPER helpful things you need when out for an afternoon hike.

I told Sean we had to be careful because we weren’t prepared if we got lost in the wilderness for three weeks..we’d have to make the Kind bar last. And the water. And I had a pen but no paper. So…yeah.  We could barely survive in case of an emergency.

But now I know we also had paper so we could absolutely write a last will and testament.

OR we could write “we are lost”.

OR we could leave paper trails so we wouldn’t GET lost.

So many options. And here I thought I only had a pen and no paper. started raining on the way back and check it out we didn’t melt.

It was actually a great little hike and we had an awesome time. 


p.s. Red Rocks is not the wilderness…it’s very very close to civilization. As a matter of fact they hold concerts there weekly practically so they would at least find out bodies pretty quickly. And they would wonder why we went hiking with feminine hygiene products…what the what??  


I planned to run again when I got home but I totally got sucked into two different movies and I love a good  movie.

Oh…and Denver was flooding.

hot animated GIF


Nobody EVER asks me if I want to make out in the rain. I am sorely missing out on some adventure here.

It would just have to be Sean though because I really don’t have any interest in making out with anyone else.

But hey… technically I don’t have to go THROUGH with it. So anyone could ASK me…

I digress.

It was raining and cold and flooding. So…no.



Running tomorrow…

Dr. appt tomorrow…

probably more rain tomorrow….

Life on the edge.

Run on…

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  1. Yay for MT’s new car!! And glad you survived your hike 😉 That place sounds lovely. I so want to go hiking…

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