So I might be creating a situation…but what the hell

Have you ever gotten yourself in SO deep your little self is just too exhausted?

It’s possible I am headed in that direction.

In over my head..

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I could totally rally, be as organized and together as usual and just rock the whole schedule.

It just depends on how I feel I guess.

I went to Dr. O’s office today…and his receptionist (Miss Gloria) who is fabulous…was thinking of taking up running. So I told her I’d run with her. Well, hello…it’s SO not hard.

I mean, it’s hard. But it’s not. Anyone can do it. You just have to build up. And it’s so rewarding it’s totally worth it.

We’re trying to coordinate a few runs a week. She’s a little resistant I think. She has a pretty good schedule going already so messing with that is tough. But it’ll be pretty awesome if we can make it work.

I’m also a member of a local running group and there’s a girl on the board who was looking for someone to run with her in the evening. I thought she was looking for a little later in the evening but I’ll still run with her a few times a week.  

I’ve extended my hours at work at least until they hire someone and get them fully trained.  That could be several months.

So now it looks like my schedule just got super crazy busy.

Did I mention marathon training? (Hello Chicago!) 

Did I mention I wanted to go to school in the fall?

Did I mention I ever want to sleep again?

This could be bad.

It could be good, too! I do love to be busy… 🙂

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My husband is leaving me.

Pretty freakin’ tragic.

Did I tell you I was concerned about this>>

He’s been doing his own laundry…

cooking for himself…

being far more independent…

I asked him outright, “are you freaking leaving me when our kid graduates? Cause I’ll be pretty ticked off…”

He said  no. He just figured he could contribute more.

Huh. A likely story.


Now here it is a month later and out the door…

Yes, he’ll be back in a week but it could be a trial run! You don’t know… (I know..he loves me too much)

He’s going on a business trip. Dammit..I miss his cute face already. I can’t tell him that though in case he really DOES leave me, can’t let him know he’ll be missed. Gotta be cool.

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Yesterday when I went to see Dr. O (Chiropractor)… He was just chatting with me, asking me questions and I’m chatting back as I lie on the table and he takes my left foot and gives it a good stretch (thumb on the top of my foot) and I fly off the table in pain and try to decide if the room spinning means I’m passing out or if the wave of nausea means I’m throwing up. Probably a good minute later I’ve managed to reel it all in and done neither but oh man. It was bad.

We both did the “note to self” thing. Don’t do that again. Sure enough…today there’s a little bruise there.  I swear he wasn’t even pushing that hard on it. I just have super sensitive whacko feet. Ridiculous. I’m so high maintenance.


Running tonight and I suppose it’s time to get serious about some marathoning.

Ya think??


Run on…

6 Replies to “So I might be creating a situation…but what the hell”

  1. Good luck with everything on your plate! We should chat / facebook message about actually starting training. I need some accountability 😉

  2. I suffer from hyper-accountability ;). You can do it all, Tess! I have faith in you. And I hate to bring a Debbie downer vibe but no beginner I have ever offered to run with has ever taken me up on it….not one. And Sean? No way is he leaving you babe!

    1. Yeah…I’m a little bit like that, too, Mo. But I learned not to set myself up for TOO much so I CAN do it all because as we all know…the family comes first. And I TOTALLY agree! No one ever EVER signs up to run with you when you offer! But I think Miss Gloria will. I have faith in her. We’ll see. Should we put money on it?
      If he leaves me…oh there will be hell to pay…

  3. That’s a lot on your plate.

    I’m trying to talk myself into running the Pittsburgh Marathon in 2016. I shouldn’t be thinking about nothing, but my guys, two houses and all the stuff I gotta do.

    I ran 31.32 miles last week. Just to prove I can. Took me running 6 of 7 days.
    Goal was 30.

    Oh yeah, I keep forgetting to email you. We closed on the Longmont Bungalow on Monday. We take possession Saturday am and I’m scrubbing everything.

    1. Oh the Pitt Marathon is good. It’s pretty hilly…but my friend that ran it really really liked it. Just remember the hills. Fortunately we have those in Colorado.
      Nice job on the mileage!!
      And that’s awesome news on the house! Congratulations! Buying a house in Colorado right now is not easy. Way to power through 🙂

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