birthday cupcakes will be my downfall

My after effects of being glutened are definitely kicking my butt.

  • My fingers hurt SO much in the morning.
  • the itching. I do not enjoy the itching.
  • I’m super tired…and I’ve learned over time the only way to combat this is to make myself push through.
  • my muscles hurt. Ugh. it’s pretty unfriendly.
  • and I have a killer migraine and have had several in the last week and a half. What the heck?

I just need to drink a lot of water and eat super healthy.

Usually if I do those things I start to feel better in a few weeks. I know, that sounds miserable but really it’s baby steps. And I don’t notice it most of the time…it’s like the nagging pain in the background you don’t notice until…you do. So that’s pretty good. I don’t mind that so much.


One of my bosses at work ~Miss Lina~ yes she’s at darling as her name is…I love her~ brought me a four pack of cupcakes to work. I thoroughly enjoyed them today.


How many you say?

That’s none of your business.

the end animated GIF

let’s just say I can still have dessert for breakfast and that’s all you need to know.


I need to go to bed so I can get up and run. It poured rain today and it was cold and scary and the dog was very upset.

My leg hurts. I need a good stretch. Seriously. A really good stretch.

I think maybe some yoga for sure tomorrow. 🙁

And I need to pull a training plan down…

I’m feeling a little discombobulated. Anyone else?

See what happens when my husband leaves me?

I have to make a list…anyone else feel the need to make a list right now?

Running should clear this right up. First thing I’m going to take care of that. 

strong is the new sexy

Run on…


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4 Responses to birthday cupcakes will be my downfall

  1. Jan Coffee

    Soooo sorry you got glutened on that trip with me. I hope you feel better soon.

    • tess conley

      Oh, it happens! I’m sure I’m still feeling the effects of Pitt a little bit and eating out here in Denver, too. It can happen anywhere. I’m just a little gun shy now

  2. That sucks that you got glutened 🙁

    (and those cupcakes look really tasty! and dessert for breakfast is the best.)

    • tess conley

      They were very tasty. I enjoyed them. I think I’m working through the worst of it but man it bites.