So it’s just not always kittens and rainbows…but powering through gets us through another day.

I was up early this morning and toyed with a run but opted to take the puppy instead. It was supposed to pour torrential rains today and it was going to be the only opportunity to walk him so I took it. So I got a little run/walk in with him and sure enough the heavens opened right after work.

Aurora and Denver flooded massively today. Crazy flooding.  I’m glad Malachi got his exercise…

Now if only he’d eat.

Does my dog have an eating disorder?  Possibly.

Or he just misses Sean.


Meanwhile…The following is definitely too much information so if you don’t want to continue…stop now.

I almost didn’t write about this because, well, you guys know me…I usually don’t give that much information. But..this is in fact Celiac Disease at it’s finest.

Weirdly…this Celiac is not normally what I deal with.  I can count on one hand how many times in my life I’ve had these symptoms.

Yesterday morning I got up and just didn’t feel great. I was headed to work and knew I had to eat before I left so I grabbed the dreaded yogurt.

I do not love yogurt (and I have to limit how often I eat it for thyroid and migraine reasons but every once in a while is ok) it’s slimy. I don’t do slimy.

I wasn’t even done eating it and my stomach blew up…seriously bloated and painful. 

It was SO bad and painful in that minute and a half I immediately grabbed some gas meds and within five minutes felt relief.

I was pretty worried.

I have a very strange body.

I won’t say that I don’t pass gas like everybody else but I definitely don’t do it like normal people.  I don’t purposely hold it in, it just doesn’t happen very often. So it stays built up and SUPER painful. Oh my gosh it’s so painful.

I made it through the day fine and at the end of the day I came home and ate some dinner and BAM. It happened again. Just like that. What the hell???

Only this time? No fast fix…

I was in serious pain all night.  No running, I could barely move.  I had some hot water with lemon and that helped for a few minutes and then nothing. Heating pad for a few minutes…then nothing.

I hurt so bad I just went to bed and curled up in a ball hoping it would stop.

Today my stomach hurts like I did sit ups. And I have no desire to eat anything. 

I had a protein shake for breakfast with some strawberries in it.

Remember, I have only had bloating and gas pains MAYBE a half a dozen times in my whole life. And I had three kids…sometimes I get a little uncomfortable but give me 30/60 minutes and I’m good again.

This is not the norm for me.

It was beyond unfriendly.

I’m hoping as the day progresses it passes a little and that for sure this doesn’t become the norm for me.

I am just sticking with my water water water plan and hoping whatever this little thing is, it passes.

Running later will definitely help. Running always helps.

It was pouring rain this morning and I’m still not feeling great so I’m planning on running later. I did do some good stretches and my squats this morning.

If it’s still raining later I’ll treadmill because it’s been two days now and I think it’ll make me feel better all the way around.


Running eng


Run on…

4 Replies to “So it’s just not always kittens and rainbows…but powering through gets us through another day.”

  1. Lots of flooding in my neighborhood too. Our gutters were overflowing yesterday and need cleaned out.

    I left at 5 yesterday to run two quick errands, it was flooding and pouring so much that blocks later–I came straight home. Decided the errands could wait.

    I’ve been up since 7, I was going to run early, but it’s raining. I’m hoping for a break in the weather.

    Oh, take it easy. Sounds like your stomach is really upset.

    1. I couldn’t believe how bad it flooded! I was totally reminded of 2013. Havana was a river.
      I love to run in the rain but this morning it just looked like a giant waterfall. I wasn’t up to it.

      I think it’s supposed to slow down later. I’m hoping. and I’ve decided to just drink through my day. I think my stomach will thank me. 🙂

  2. Oh no!! 🙁 That stinks. Bloating is awful. That’s honestly one of my most painful/obnoxious symptoms with my GI issues. Hope you started feeling better quickly after this..

    1. I was better the next morning! and thanks for the sympathy! My friend Andrea, who is no longer my friend, I unfriended her FOREVER (if she’s reading this she’s SO unfriended) totally laughed at me I don’t know why it’s so not a laughing matter. My stomach was in so much pain. I knew that’s what you dealt with and man I always feel so bad for you.

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