This day in photos. It was pretty good.

So a quick rundown…

There was a run, there was grilling of the awesome cheeseburgers, there was playing in the yard and kissing of theboy, there was Corey Joseph (my awesome bonus son who we missed SO MUCH), there was a random neighbor kid who showed up to mow the lawn!(yup), and there was a movie at the end of the night with the family (Jurassic World)…there were Macarons and earrings, ice cream cake and flowers from Corey…it was just a really good day except for missing Sean. And of course that was just inevitable.

And here is the evidence of the joy.

And yes…you have to see it because I am posting it~ so there.

033 044 045 025   051  092  103 107   095   081  071


Be better than you used to be.


Run on…

and run happy…

6 Replies to “This day in photos. It was pretty good.”

    1. Me, too! It was such a lovely day. We organized nothing though…and it was kind of perfect. We just did it as we felt like. Munched on fruit all day. Worked on the burgers. Corey played with Eliot constantly. Tormented MT as much as possible. And Alex, too. Tormented Alex. LOL. The dog LOVED everyone in his yard. It was just good. It was HOT but it was so good no one seemed to care.

    1. it was a beautiful day…
      Yep..just the railing. If my husband can be in town at the same time a weekend is happening, at the same time we don’t have anything else scheduled…we may actually get it done. 🙂 He’s done a great job on it.

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