I may be in over my head…or maybe the snow is…hard to tell…

I started my morning with a puppy run.  He and I enjoyed the sunshine and were rewarded with a $5 find!

cash money animated GIF

Can’t beat that with a stick.

Made it to work and spent the day busy busy busy.

Welcome to banking on a Monday.

One of our employees gave her notice and quit…but apparently took vacation first so we just knew she went on vacation.

I feel so bereft when someone does that. Who does that? We don’t even get to say goodbye to people when they just leave like that. I mean…you talk to these people every single day for years sometimes. What the hell? Sometimes work isn’t friendly. It makes me sad. I will miss her. She was super awesome.

I am one cat video away from becoming crazy cat woman.


I’m on day three of a migraine but I think it’s working it’s way out. It’s definitely not as bad as it was. Kind of weird,  it’s been a nice quiet few weeks with very little migraine activity.

I’m enjoying the downtime…but I know it can’t always be good. It’s okay to have a few that remind me of life before Botox. 🙂


Tomorrow morning I am starting a run with Miss G. The fabulous Miss G. That’s what I’m going to call her. The Fabulous Miss G. Because girl is awesome. We’re meeting at 5. Yes…AM. That will definitely be interesting. I am usually awake then but my Celiac is, too, so..heh.  We’ll see. 🙂



They are clearing the trail for us for the race on Saturday.  You know, that little trail race in Leadville we signed up for last year and we deferred? They found us. Dammit. Now we HAVE to run it. Ha. The race is Saturday and they’re clearing the trail for us.

They’re clearing the trail…


I can’t tell if I should gasp or laugh.

I am actually pretty excited for the adventure.  It’s going to be fun.  great. really awesome. hard as hell.

well…we’ll see. I’ll get back to you with what it’ll be.

If I don’t come back…if you don’t hear from me…look for me in late summer. Maybe the snow will have melted by then. LOL


Remember back in February I lost my friend Holly to cancer? One of my very saddest days ever.

Her husband has kept her FB page up for all of her family and friends and yesterday he wished me happy birthday through her page.

Now I know you’re thinking…that would be weird.

And for a half a second it was and then I knew it was her husband. And I thought how kind it was of him to think of me.

it’s the little things.


Must go to bed. 4am shows up early.


Running is one of the easiest things to do.

Running is one of the hardest things to do.

You just have to put one foot in front of the other. When it gets hard…give yourself a little walking break…then start up again. Eventually the walking breaks are fewer and the running is easier. 

One day you figure out you actually really love to run.

That’s how it usually works.

Like any new thing, starting something new can be scary. But it’s usually pretty worth it. If it’s easy…it really doesn’t give us the same satisfaction, does it?

Test yourself, see what you can do. 

It's all about courage and attempting what your mind says is impossible.

Run on…


4 Replies to “I may be in over my head…or maybe the snow is…hard to tell…”

  1. That is really sweet of Holly’s husband to think of you.
    One of my workmates did that with the pre-leaving holiday recently too! I was so surprised!
    Yay for $5 though, when that happens to me I like to think of it as the universe paying me back for parking tickets etcetera that I totally didn’t deserve 😉

    1. I thought so, too. He’s a nice man.
      I think the ditching without telling thing sucks. I was bummed and sadly now think a little less of my friend. And that bums me out, too.
      I was so surprised about the $5! I just put it in my “going to Italy” fund. I’m now that much closer. Those pennies and such, right? LOL

  2. Yay for finding money 🙂 I never find any when I run with my pup…

    That’s really sweet of Holly’s husband to think of you. Sometimes it’s the little things..

    Good luck at your race! Keep us updated 🙂

    1. Oh please, I ONLY find pennies. And they are sometimes not recognizable! LOL.

      I thought it was really nice of him, too. He’s a great guy. Makes me sad to think of him alone.

      OH, the race? There’s be pictures for sure. Are you kidding? It’s gonna be hilarious.

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