Ulterior Motives…

The Fabulous Miss G and I headed out for our morning run and we already blew the couch to 5k plan out of the water. She’s so good with her fitness that she’s becoming a runner SO QUICK. Also, she’s a people pleaser so she runs until I tell her to stop. Girl would probably run a half marathon if I never told her to stop. She’s really pretty awesome and we are having a great time.

What she doesn’t know is my ulterior motive. I’m grooming her to be my new running partner. The plan is coming together perfectly…

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Yesterday was a bit of a miserable day. I didn’t feel well all day and mildly mentioned to my boss as she was talking to me that I was passing out and it was just a heads up so she wouldn’t freak.

She freaked

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They all freaked.

Fortunately my officer of the day  did not freak and he calmly offered me  water and a Jolly Rancher and I felt MUCH better after about twenty minutes.

Noting this and yes I’m telling my doctor, Mom. I promise.

I didn’t run yesterday…I never quite came back after that.


Sean and I leave for Leadville’s Heavy Half tomorrow after work.

I was pretty nervous.

I’ve reached a new phase. Acceptance.

It’s going to be awful. But I kind of already want to do it next year anyway…HA

Let’s see what I think of that after this year.

I talk big.


My new runner tip of the day.

Breathing (if you were ever in choir in school this will be familiar):

When you breathe you want to breathe in and fill your stomach pushing out like your stomach is filling with air.

Then to breathe out…your stomach will empty of air…

Three to two rhythm…three in…two out three in two out.

If you are climbing or straining or racing…any kind of extra effort

your rhythm should become two to two

This may not work for everyone but it’s worked for me for years and over the years I’ve found the runner tips and articles reiterate it’s a common breathing technique. Most runners fall into it over time. 


Run on…

6 Replies to “Ulterior Motives…”

  1. Yes, I would have totally freaked out too. Blood sugar thing or you didn’t eat or something? Passing out isn’t a regular thing with you is it?

    Leadville, oh girl. It looks so beautiful, but so brutal. I keep telling myself someday that I’ll be bold enough too tackle something so fierce.

    I’ll be thinking about you both and sending good vibes. When is the race?

    1. Ha. I’ve done it before. Probably a half dozen or so times since I started there. For sure I do it at my own house. I have told them I’m going to do it, it’ll pass, don’t call an ambulance just give me a second and I’ll be fine.
      Every time. They freak every time. ::shakeshead::
      My doctor was totally guessing blood sugar…hypoglycemia…something along those lines. But we got all caught up in the Celiac thing and distracted and we both keep forgetting to cover that info until after I leave. This time though…I think I’ll remember.

      Leadville is definitely going to be rough. I usually just jump right in without investigating. Gets me in trouble every time. 🙂 And thanks SO MUCH for the vibes…I will definitely need them. Sean will kick butt. He always does. 🙂

  2. Glad Sean is back to go with you. My Mom had low blood pressure and would pass out. But I’m not sure that is your problem. I had no idea this was happening that often. Yes, please get checked. Love you lots.

    1. Me, too. I’d be bummed if I had to do it alone.
      I don’t think it’s my problem but I just can’t tell. So I’m going to message her next week and see what we can figure out. I know her and I discussed Hypoglycemia before and that was her guess so I think she’ll probably have me test more before my August appt.

    1. Yep…she’s pretty great! I have to ditch her in the morning and so far so good. She seems very cool about it. 🙂

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