Here we go.

Sean and I are in Breckenridge staying in a fabulous little condo (which we paid an outrageous ~you don’t want to know how much~amount of money only to sleep for twelve hours and then check out for…how sad) which has a little kitchen and everything. This is what happens when you are completely consumed by funerals and graduations and such and make the reservations a mere month and a half in advance. Learn from me.

It’s a great hotel. We love it actually. For these twelve hours.

Tomorrow morning we’re heading out to “run” (commence smirking) the Leadville Heavy Half.  I think the only thing we’re really nervous about is preparing properly clothing wise. Will we be too warm? Will we be too cold? I can’t decide and he can’t either. Too crazy.

I spent the day chatting with my co workers about it so on the way out the door they all told me to have a great race and have fun but be careful.

My last words were “I’ll try not to fall off the mountain”.

How funny would it be if I really died falling off the mountain?

Okay, come on…that would make a GREAT eulogy. You know it would

I mean, yeah, kinda tragic. They would have to say “remember her last words?”

Anyway…I’ll try.


I left a small pack of gummie bears in the car (I bought several for the race) and when I got off work my gummie bears were in fact…one gummie. That’s what happens when it’s 93*.

I’ve never seen that happen in all my gummie eating years.

Seriously. One giant gummie.

It was kinda gross.

Still cool though. all smushy and like.


Okay…gotta go. gotta sleep sometime. Plus all this ~lousy punctuation and no capitalization has to be driving people nuts but man I’m tired.

.There is no app for this. #Running #Motivation


It's not about what you are capable of, it's about what you're willing to endure.


Run on… see you at the bottom…

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  1. Do Not fall off the mountain. I won’t have it! On another note though…have fun and be safe.

    1. I did not fall off the mountain. I’m still here. It was close though. 🙂 Update to follow.

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