Bet you thought I was done talking about Leadville…(almost!)

Well I mostly am…

I just had a few extras to throw in there.

The leftovers as it were.

After the race we right away didn’t feel great. I’m sure it was the altitude…we were both a little nauseated and the thought of beer (ha. like I could/would/should have beer) pretty much was not happening. So we gave a token walk through the race finish area and then left right away. It was crowded but super excited with people and the charm of small town Leadville.

Sean and I had toyed with staying in Breckenridge a second night. We’d stayed the first night at The Village At Breckenridge..we had a kitchen (bonus for me) and a view of the mountains that looked right off of a calendar.  I’d taken far too long to book the hotel (mid May) and had few choices.  I could have gone to Frisco but we’ve stayed in Frisco before and everyone bragged about Breckenridge so I thought…hey. It’s not that much farther.

Hey…it kinda is.

john krasinski animated GIF

It was almost an hours drive and apparently I chose to not read the map when I made that reservation. Rocket scientist that I am.

And it really isn’t that far since the race started at 8. The kicker was after the race.

Do we stay a second night or just drive home…

I really kind of wanted to be home. I know how I am after anything endurance…and sure enough…

I had a migraine. 

It was bad.

I know. You’re shocked.

shocked animated GIF

So we opted to drive home because what the hell good is being in a fabulously FAR TOO EXPENSIVE hotel room with your excellent significant other when you feel like mud?

We drove home and oh man it was not fun. Sean was SO uncomfortable. We were both covered in sweat (it was now called salt though…) and mud…oh the mud….and our shoes. I won’t even tell you about my shoes.  I took my socks off because of my sprained ankle and I had a blood blister between my toes. That there is a good time and DAMN it’s sexy.

By the time we got home I just wanted lots of drugs, a shower, and to sleep.

Sean wasn’t even looking at a shower..he just wanted to sleep for a little while.

Walked in the door and hey nowthat 18 year old child of mine does NOT look good. 

He has an ice pack on his ear and he looks … ill.

Actually he looks remarkably like this…

sick animated GIF

I questioned him a bit and then hopped in the shower, dressed and rushed the kid  ~nearly grown ass man but still a kid to us~  to Urgent Care.


Now he and Sean both have it.

The real question here is…why don’t I have it or am I a carrier? LOL

Yeah…I’m probably the carrier. I’m so high maintenance.


So here it is two days later. We are definitely walking carefully. My muscles aren’t TOO bad. I definitely feel it. I did some squats yesterday so it didn’t completely incapacitate me. But I definitely feel it.

Sean feels it a little bit more I think. He took today off work (must be nice…some of us have to work!) and every time I saw him he was walking.very.carefully. He looked uncomfortable.

Baby steps. Every day gets easier.

Again, this was an amazing experience and as the days pass I get braver.

I want to work much harder on my strength and quads for sure and if I felt a lot stronger I think I’d totally try it again.

But just one more time. 


Stay Motivated Everyday!


Run on…and do brave things. 

6 Replies to “Bet you thought I was done talking about Leadville…(almost!)”

  1. I’d say you’re either still on a runner’s high or slightly oxygen deprived to already be thinking about doing it again! But seriously, I hope y’all start feeling better soon.

    1. I’ve been saying I’m oxygen deprived for DAYS and they all just look at me and roll their eyes. YOU DON’T KNOW> I could be. >smirk< They don't seem as amused. I always think I'm so funny..what's that about?

  2. Oh goodness. You guys are having a run of bad luck, illnesses and stuff.

    My car is turning into a gym locker. I got spare shoes, socks, sandals in my car almost daily. Going back and forth a lot to work on the Longmont bungalow. Been showering after yard work, changing and driving home.

    Congrats to you both on Leadville. Looked so brutal. Read your post yesterday, on it, I think.

    1. I work in a bank. With lots of cash and germs. Ha. I totally think I’m a carrier. I bring it home! These two have always been the more particular sick ones of the family. They pick up the worst of the worst. Pneumonia? Yes thank you. Strep? sure. I feel bad for them. They’ll go a while fine and then…bam.

      That sounds SO FUN! (not the driving part…) The working on the new place part does though! How exciting! I love new places. Such new adventures in front of you. It’s exciting.

      thanks on the congratulations. It was brutal but really amazing, too. We loved the experience. And what an incredible group that put it on.

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