In so many more ways than one, I know you are ALL thinking that.

You can just keep those thoughts to yourselves. Geez.

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I think my leg is on the way to better.

Miss G and I ran this morning and my leg was definitely feeling better. It has moments of twinge but I was careful and then came home and properly stretched, foam rolled and prayed over it.

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I may go to yoga tonight or I may just do a little home yoga. Either way I need to get my yoga on.

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I really struggle with balance.

Not just in yoga (clearly core is something I need real help with) but in life. I get really motivated to work on something like running or yoga or just working out. And I’ll be very proactive, scheduled and excited. And I’ll do three or four days…sometimes even a week and then my Celiac body protests greatly and crashes completely and I can’t do anything for a good week or two.

Because I didn’t properly balance and I over scheduled myself in my excitement.

I’m learning.

I don’t sleep well.

I’m going somewhere with this…bear with me.

So I’m up really early. But I am not usually out the door and running at 5 on a regular basis. I’m usually puttering around the house or writing to you guys or just…hangin’ out cleaning.

Running with Miss G means I must be up and my Celiac self must be ready to go by 4:45 so I’ve been very realistic about getting sleep or I know I’ll crash.  I am allowing myself time to rest if I feel I’ll need it later. I’m recognizing that I should sleep even if I don’t feel tired. And right now I”m deep in my glutening recovery and that seems to last several months because I’m still really tired. So I’m trying to go to bed early … er. Let’s be realistic. I’m not really the “go to bed at 9pm” chick.

This is all part of my balance.

I am allowing myself more sleep.

I want to fit yoga in.

and I am getting in my strength training.

Something is gonna give if I don’t schedule this right. I can totally see myself thinking I can do it ALL in one day! And I’ll feel GREAT. And I will..I know I will. For the first week. And next week I’ll feel awful.

I need to spread it out so I don’t overdue. My personality, my energy level, my natural instinct can handle the level I want to do but my Celiac/Hypothyroid body says no…you need to take a step back and give yourself rest.

I kind of hate it.

That’s the understatement of the year.

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let’s be honest, I’m just whining.

My point is this. Life is about balance in everything you do.  Taking one step at a time…balancing your workouts is important or you’ll find yourself exhausted and soon you’ll find yourself not working out. Completely the opposite of your goal.

Do you ever overdo?

There’s a difference between overdoing and pushing yourself. Can you recognize the difference in yourself?  How do you keep control of your own workouts?

Words to Remember! I love this Quote. Be Stubborn about your Goals, and FLEXIBLE about your methods.


Run on and keep your balance…

4 Replies to “Unbalanced.”

  1. I’m totally with you in this, Tess!! I also get excited pretty fast and lose energy fast too (I just realized after reading your post). That may be an example of overdoing it…

    When I trained for my first half marathon, I was more “scared” than “excited” because I wasn’t sure I can handle the 13.1 mile run! And I want to finish it so bad. So I put that in my head. I don’t want to get injured. I want to finish that run. So I set myself into a training plan and I followed it religiously.

    I think it’s all in the head. If you put your mind to it, it will reflect in your body. Making a schedule helps too! 🙂

    1. Yep. I totally agree…I get excited and head on into “the plan” with full on energy and before you know it my body is full on exhausted and there is no way I have any energy to do anything!

      I don’t have the “scared” gene so much as the “what the hell” gene. It usually bites me in the butt. I get it done though. And if I took my time and trained properly I would get it done well and not just get it done. That is my goal.

      To learn…to learn….

  2. Oh goodness. Balance is so, so difficult. As I’m sure you know, I’m a “I want to do it all!” person. But there just aren’t enough hours in the day (or days in the week. We gotta take care of ourselves and respect our body’s limits sometimes. (and 4:45? No way. Couldn’t do it… I struggled to be up at 6:45 today!)

    1. I agree. Choosing what we’re going to make a priority is definitely a tough one. This was important to me so I decided to do it. I’m usually awake at that hour but up and running, no. Celiac usually owns me at that hour and so it is tough. I’m trying to balance it with a nap somewhere in the day or catching up every two or three days..in order to respect my body’s limits, just like you said.

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