This is on you. Own it.

I woke up this morning and my head screamed at me. I attempted to decompress for about ten minutes and there was just no moving. I finally texted Miss G and bailed on her. Man I felt bad. But sometimes there just is no moving when my head hurts. Weird though. I haven’t had a morning headache in a while. I’m still blaming gluten.

Maybe I can still say I’m oxygen deprived. I’m using that for awhile. Thank you Leadville. šŸ™‚ (Sorry Miss G)

I stopped at Qdoba after work yesterday….I was STARVING and really really needed food.

I suppose that’s redundant as I already said I was starving. huh.

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Here’s a fairly interestingĀ cost analysis/taste analysis comparison on Chipotle and Qdoba which really is moot because I just stop at the one that’s most convenient and for me…that’s usually Qdoba. But I’m so not picky.

I waited in line as the people in front of me had quite the order.

Now…as someone who is gluten free…I appreciate Qdoba and Chipotle. They have really delicious food, I can get it gluten free and it’s mostly healthy as long as I make the right choices…

So there you go. I make the right choices.

Ugh. Life can suck, now can’t it. Ā It’s so much better when it’s all about cupcakes and skittles.

And yes…I’ve eaten more than my share, I always admit that, don’t I…

So there I am in Qdoba and the people in front of me are ordering burritos. This is what they ordered….


White rice

Pinto beans

pulled pork


Pico de Gallo

Corn Salsa




and sour cream

The flour tortilla did not want to close…it was a snug fit.

The grand total according to the website? 49g of fat 1295 calories. Literally twenty calories OVER my daily allotmentĀ of calories.

This is what I order when I go there…

Burrito bowl

white rice

black beans


pico de gallo

corn salsa

light guacamole

light sour cream

So there’s no way to say “light” on the website calorie measurer but they are always careful to just give me like a Tablespoon of each. I don’t like either of them enough to have more than that. And I like hot food…anything more makes the food cold. Ā The meal as it’s presented there is literally half the calories.

590 calories/25g of fat. And I know it’s less than that due to the sour cream/guacamole serving size.

And if I don’t eat the entire thing I have control over my own calorie intake.

see how that works???

I realize that was one really really bad example of eating out but when people tell me “I’m traveling so…yeah. It’s going to be really hard to eat healthy while I’m traveling” … I always struggle with that. Ā I think these days there are so many options out there for healthy eating and it’s all about making the right choices.

This is on you. You have options…but the buck actually stops with you.

With restaurants giving you calories on the menus you get to make smart decisions that suit your own caloric needs. Alex is constantly weight training and needs a LOT of calories.

We don’t like him.

I’m 5’2″ and Ā get like…1300 calories a day.

This isn’t a huge amount of calories and IĀ am pretty careful what I eat.

Make your choices wisely.

Myfitnesspal is very easy to use and helps you with your decisions,Ā Ā to include allowing you to scan food with your phone. At the beginning it can be a bit tedious as you find what you ate and plug each thing into your meal but eventually it’s helpful and eye opening.
It can be shocking to discover your breakfast was actually that many calories and perhaps that’s why you aren’t losing weight? Ā and if you aren’t trying to lose weight, it’s just nice to help you see the percentage of sodium you are taking in…sugars, etc. I always struggle with that.
Also…it’s nice to be accountable.


Sports motivation

Run on…

6 Replies to “This is on you. Own it.”

  1. I’ve never counted calories, ever. But, I’m 5’10”.

    Hubby does the calorie counting and weighing of his food. I can barely stand to watch, but he swears it’s easy once you do it for a few days.

    Hubby loves Chipotle, we started going there almost weekly after the boy went off to college. We were stuck behind a huge takeout order last week. By the time we left, the line was almost out the door.

    Have you tried Tokyo Joe’s?

    1. These places are SUPER painful if the line starts to back up. You definitely have to have patience. Something I was not blessed with normally but in this case I’m pretty okay with it. I could live at Chipotle or Qdoba. Really it’s Machs Nichts. They are both awesome.

      I agree with your husband, once you start to do it, it becomes almost second nature. It’s super easy and eye opening.

      I’ve never tried Tokyo Joe’s. Gluten free? I’ll go look right now. Kind of a requirement for me… šŸ˜‰

  2. My Chipotle order is very similar to yours, though I add lettuce to my burrito bowl and ask for the guac on the side. It’s the same price and I have control over how much I add. Also, I can use what’s left over the next day with my eggs or what-have-you because I’m super frugal like that. (Okay, so I did that once and every other time I just throw it out a week later , whatever.)

    1. oooh. That’s SMART. I almost always have too much. I think I’ll do that. I freaking love Chipotle and Qdoba so much. I could live there. and I forget the lettuce every.single.time. Like there’s something wrong with me. LOL

  3. I love MyFitnessPal. When I first started using it (50 pounds ago) I was shocked at just how much I was eating without even realizing it. Just being AWARE of what you’re eating (even if you know you’re splurging) can be so, so helpful for your health.

    1. I agree. I was surprised at how much I wasn’t eating. Though I knew I didn’t eat enough, it keeps me accountable. I need to start up again. I keep logging in and not logging. So not helpful.

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