And I thought I knew running joy

Anyone who reads me knows I love to run.  I love to run by myself, with my headphones on listening to a book while the sun is just thinking about setting. The lighting is perfect and the city streets are thinking about quieting down from rush hour…and the air is crisping up.

I cannot begin to tell you the happiness this gives me. Settling into a quiet pace and breathing that lovely rhythm as the rest of the world just goes away and all I have is me.

This week I’ve been running with Miss G. Her and I meet several times a week at a local park and we do a little running and a little walking. And we do a little talking. ha. Most running partners are like that. Miss G, if you remember, is new to running. She’s new to fitness and is determined to get healthy. She’s lost 30 pounds by walking and the elliptical and wanted to start running so I said I would run with her. She took me up on it and we are having the best time.

She is the happiest beginning runner I’ve ever met in my life. As we run in our little circle she loves to say “oh, this is so great! I love this! isn’t this great!”  Sometimes she follows that up with “I never thought I’d be able to do this!”.

How much do you love that?

How much do you love her absolute running joy?

Me, too.

And it’s several times a run.

And it’s completely spontaneous.

She’s just so happy to be running. And feeling good. And strong.

I’m so happy for her because I know that feeling so well and it’s one of my favorite things in the world.

Motivational Running Quote: The Joy Of Running - Runner's World Magazine. This is awesome! At least once a week I leave my music AND my tracking tools at home to just get out there and feel the day!

Run on…

2 Replies to “And I thought I knew running joy”

  1. That’s awesome 🙂 Sometimes it’s so hard to find joy in running, even when deep down you know you love (and need) it! That’s so great for her!

    1. I know! She’s absolutely filled with happiness with running. I hope it lasts a very long time. She continues to say she can’t believe she’s a runner. I love it.

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