Not every run is going to be pretty. But every run is a gift.

Sean and I are just both off today. Not with each other, but with the universe. It’s been a rough morning.

I don’t even think this is really what we are focused on but it spoke to me at the moment so I grabbed it. Because who doesn’t feel like this sometimes?

"Whenever you feel unloved, unimportant, or insecure, remember to whom you belong to." -Ephesians 2:19-22


This run was not pretty.

Miss G and I were slogging. Walking equally if not more than running. That’s unlike us at this point. We tend to run a lot of our time now. But it’s super humid now (as opposed to super human which, yes, we are…) and it’s very warm. Oh man…it’s warm already.

***checking the weather****

okay…it says humidity is 68% and the temp is a high of 87*.

I would have expected worse I guess. But it’s hot and icky. We were  slogging.

Moving on…we only did three times around (I guess now that we know how far we’re going I guess we don’t feel the need to work as hard?…yeah, I figured I’d address that situation on Wednesday when one or both of us possibly felt better).

The good news is we still got it done.

The bad news is it was shorter. It was painful. And it kind of bit.

This is really just a fact that everyone has to realize. Occasionally (and sometimes more than occasionally) you are going to have a run that is not great. You’ll question it and take it apart and analyze it to death but the hard cold truth is that most of the time all the cards will fall into place and the run will still have been bad. Because sometimes you just have a bad run.

At least you got it done.

Tomorrow is another day and another run.

Enjoy that you get the opportunity because what have we learned over here on my little corner of the world?

Running is a gift. 


Oh…yep. I forgot my Garmin again.

On the way there I had that ~what is WRONG with me?~ moment.

bridesmaids animated GIF

And I think I got it.

When I run I always run with a little pile of electronics…

my little red phone

my iPod

and my Garmin

Well we changed phone providers so…no more little red phone

and I’m running with a friend so no iPod…

hence my brain has now forgotten all electronics. No Garmin.

I’m going to send myself an email to remember. I don’t know how else to do it. Nothing wants to stick in my memory.


So this is whack. I was doing some yoga stretches last week and I told Sean…now this is embarrassing so don’t judge me…

my ANKLES are fat.

I know. That sounds ridiculous.

I’m not saying I have fat ankles.  Even though I’m saying I have fat ankles.

I’m saying they’re swollen…my feet and ankles. What the hell?  My feet go right into my calves. It’s really noticeable when I’m upside down doing downward dog. But also when I’m in sandals. I thought I was imagining things last week…all week long…then I did yoga and could hardly contain myself with my ~what the hell~ ing.

My husband thinks I’m nuts.

He may be right. But it’s really weird though. It freakin’ looks REALLY weird.

Not gonna lie.


running motivation


Run on…

4 Replies to “Not every run is going to be pretty. But every run is a gift.”

  1. That’s so weird about the swollen ankles. .. Are they usually like that?

    And good for you for getting in a run, even if it was shorter. and sucked. But I’m proud of you!

    1. Nope…never been swollen before but today they reached a new level. The left one is really bad. My chiropractor noticed it and even suggested I see my doctor. It’s really really swollen. Doesn’t hurt though.

      Thanks for the kudos! It was a terrible run! So weird! We just got it done and tried not to dwell on it. kind of a bummer.

  2. I wonder what made it swell like that… I remember one time when my feet got swollen. It was in New York when I went for a wedding and I was wearing heels ALL DAY from noon to midnight, the day after my first half marathon race! It was the worst idea ever, forgetting to bring flats or something other than that heels. It’s good that your ankle doesn’t hurt. I hope it gets back to normal though! 🙂

    1. I know…it’s really weird. I actually slept this afternoon and elevated it to see if it would help. I feel very elderly… I’m hoping tomorrow will maybe be a little better and if it’s not…I’m making a doctors appt. This is nuts.

      And yep…you’re not the first person to say that to me, about the wearing heels thing. But it’s not that kind of swelling. It’s more my ankle than my feet though it’s my feet, too it’s definitely just not right. So whack. Thanks!

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