High Maintenance

Yesterday was a rough day so today I’m going to strength a little, yoga a little and see if I can rest a little.

I got off work and ran over to my nail appt in a hurry (she’s off on vacation so I had to get in quick).

Here’s a random story that will entertain you not at all but what the hell... …the lady next to me said her day was so hard she’s so going to have a margarita when she gets home. We started talking about it and I said I can’t drink. She was lamenting my world and I made the mistake of saying I am allergic to chocolate and hey…no caffeine either. Oh man…my life was pretty bad in her eyes. I usually laugh it off by this point because I hear this a lot and I don’t mind.

Something came up a few minutes later, though~I can’t remember what~ and I ended up saying I was Celiac and oh my GOSH.  Why am I even alive? My life is SO high maintenance.

“Girl…You are high maintenance!”

So then I felt bad. Yeah…I didn’t fall apart or anything but I did kind of feel like wow. My poor family has to deal with such ridiculousness.

Next time I’m saying, “hell yeah…I’m so going home to have a margarita”

Cause that won’t bite me in the ass. I’m sure it won’t.


By last night my left foot was swollen pretty significantly so I went to bed early, elevated my foot and slept as long as I could possibly sleep. I just slept the evening and the night away. I think Sean thought something was wrong with me. But I figured if I don’t have something pressing I might as well sleep and attempt to heal whatever is wrong with me and put as little pressure on my foot as possible.

This morning my foot seems much less swollen but who knows if will last.


Off to get my haircut tonight (Yay! Princess Anna!)

And when I get home…I’m going to yoga and maybe…(ssssh maybe) depending on how my foot is I might sneak in a tiny run to see how I feel. If it’s swollen I won’t.

I don’t think this is a running injury. I think this is a something else thing going on and Lord knows what that is.  I am starting to just think it’s some Celiac side effect. Random. So I’m giving it today and if I’m not better tonight I’m calling my doctor in the morning.


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Run on…


6 Replies to “High Maintenance”

  1. OK. I will check on you to make sure. And remember, people who use alcohol to unwind can end up with large problems so it may bite her in the ass yet. She is not so smart!

    1. I’m sure you will 🙂 And I totally remember. I don’t have that problem fortunately. Finally a win for me!

  2. That is a funny random story!! People can be very quick to judge. I’m glad you don’t let it get to you, and that you don’t mind! 🙂

    On the other hand, I hope your foot gets better and you don’t have to see the doctor.

    1. You know, I find random everywhere I look. It’s a little scary sometimes. 🙂 Foot seems better! Thanks!

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