Vitamin M for Miscellaneous.

Which basically means I ate a bug. Identity unknown. Suppose it was gluten free?

Then I choked for so long I then had to go to the bathroom. THAT was unfriendly.

Meanwhile…we kicked ass with a perfect morning run.


Miss G got her new running shoes and I am so relieved she’s not running in dumb shoes anymore.

It was cool…and a little windy…and ended with rain.

I started this adventure to help someone.

I knew deep down it would help me, too.

But really…she’s saving me.

I love running in the morning.

Truth be told I miss running at night. And I do love running alone with my books. So I’ll be mixing it up.

If I ever get any energy to do that again because…she’s also killing me.

Four in the morning comes VERY early.


My ankle does seem to be better.

Am I healed?

Is it the acupuncture needles from Dr. O?

Is it prayer?

I got nothin’. It’s probably all of the above and I’m watching it to see if it flares up again. I definitely still feel off.  But I’m just sleeping when I need it (Sean loves that…how tired ARE you?  pretty tired Babe. Pretty tired.) And eating when I need it. Which isn’t much and should be more. But I’m just not hungry so I’m trying to make good healthy choices so what I DO eat gives me strength.  #skittlesforever  #scrambledeggsandavocadoskeepmegoing


Yesterday I got my hair done by Princess Anna.

I had to rename her because my nail girl and my hair girl have the same name and there was a terrible mix up day when they had the same appt. It was awfully confusing.


baby animated GIF


My friend and hair girl said I just need to rename her “Princess Anna” and that should fix it. Sure enough, it did.

So she did my hair and I don’t always see it clearly with her whacky lighting. But it’s pretty dark with brighter than usual highlights.  Yesterday at work one of our vendors came in and he was kind of punked out with some big old gauged ears.  He says, “LOVE the hair!”.

Note to self…not exactly the elegant look I was going for apparently. LOL

I like it though so I’m good with it. It just totally made me laugh.


If only I wasn't a swimmer and could actually run on land without looking like a bambi learning to walk


I was born to run. It gives me so much joy. I wish you joy and I hope you get to do something that gives you that much happiness today. Yoga, running, biking, hiking, whatever kicks in those endorphins.

Minus the bugs…

run on…

6 Replies to “Vitamin M for Miscellaneous.”

  1. 4 in the morning? Dang.

    That’s beating the heat and storms for sure and a great way to start the day, but oh my.

    Hat’s off to you both.

    1. Well, in all fairness I wake up at 4:20 I’m just rounding down. Then I meet Miss G at 5 but in order to get my Celiac self all ready for running and to drive there I need to be up early enough. I wake up that early plenty but I’m not usually running that early. It’s crazy early. But it is a great way to start the day. And we always get to see the sunrise. It’s awesome.

    1. Oh my gosh, it’s so random, too. Who goes looking, right? She just fell into my world and she’s pretty great. But man, she’s going to be fast. I probably won’t have her for long.

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