I recently had a tiny.little.meltdown.

Remember that whole….every six months or so I allow myself a sorry little pity party? Well a few days ago I let out and it happened.

There were tears.

There was ranting.

My husband, who had his own rough day, sat and listened.

At the end of it I shushed him because really…anything said to me is just going to upset me. I just need to get it out.

It was the blood sugar thing.

Usually it’s a migraine that sets me off but since my migraines have been SO in control lately…

hallelujah animated GIF


My mood got sucked into the black hole of what ELSE could be wrong with me?

Sometimes I think it’s okay to NOT have it all together.

Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the one who feel it, understand it and accept it.


I just have to remind myself every once in a while that I have many MANY blessings and my life is amazing.

I can run.

I mean…if I couldn’t run, then THAT would be the real tragedy.


I got up and headed to the little park this morning and ran a quick four miles.  And just because I could. I listened to a podcast and I just enjoyed the quiet morning.

I slept in until 5:30!  It was pretty delicious and my body just naturally slept in. sigh. I loved it.

I ran late in the day for me (7:30) and it was super warm but still good.

stretching later is MANDATORY.

Have a great day everyone~

mostly I do it for the endorphins:) ~good genes)

Run on…

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    1. I know you have. I think of you when I have them. LOL. Not because you have the meltdowns but because you’re very together.

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