What a beautiful Independence Day…

I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day filled with family and/or friends and fun and just everything that makes the day great.

We got up incredibly early and headed up to meet Shaughnessy and Adam at Forsythe Canyon for a “short” hike with the four year old.

Is any hike with a four year old to be considered short?

It was so beautiful…we started out with this perfect little hopeful face just waiting for adventure….


Okay…so he’s a little cynical for his age but he was pretty excited for his adventure!

There was LOTS of bug looking, spider watching, flower admiring (he was less than impressed by that though his parents tried), rock climbing, dirt eating, mud making, puddle splashing, wood gathering and water playing and definite parent testing.

He had a blast as did we all.

IMG_20150704_084727418  IMG_20150704_092923836

IMG_20150704_081734579  IMG_20150704_081701327_HDR  IMG_20150704_100502695_HDR

IMG_20150704_092512206_HDR   IMG_20150704_115619437_HDR

Lunch at Beau Jo’s and home to sleep. And I’m not kidding. It was 4pm and we collapsed and totally slept. It was amazing. I needed it and still do.

More sleep. Please more sleep.

What a great day~

We had more of an Independence Day but I must go to bed now. For that…more sleep thing

Talk to you tomorrow…

Please Run on…

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    1. It was pretty cute. He’s SO good. Shaughnessy explains what an “adventure” is and after giving the description she asks him if all those things were what we were experiencing. He said yes, so this must be an adventure. I could die it was so cute.

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