Okay. You win.

I’m calling my doctor.

You know, this place (my little blog) is my go to place for talking about my world. And I am 80% open about what happens with me. I keep some things personal. I think that’s pretty reasonable.

This, of course, led to my meltdown from last week.  Being open about one more thing being wrong with me makes me feel like an aging freaking hypochondriac who just whines about her medical issues all the time.

It gets old.

But it’s life in my house sometimes. I can go six months feeling great and then something starts to creep in.


I just have to figure out the blood sugar thing. I’m already tired and I got up an hour ago. That’s not good. Ha. At work they like me to be awake.


This conversation happened at my house yesterday, though it’s slightly paraphrased..

Me: So you know that funny red spot on the back of my leg?

Sean: kinda…

Do you really? > I show it to him<

Okay. >translation he has no memory but he wants to…he really wants to<

I explain it’s been there for like a year, no big deal, it doesn’t change…it’s probably Celiac…

so now I have another one. >my other leg has another spot. I point to it.<

he heavy sighs…


I’m afraid I’m going to GET something from you-and you’ll survive fine and it’ll kill meBut you’ll be okay with someone else…and my money. 

Ohh.  I’ll never be AS happy with someone else…>I say jokingly<

>He looks at me and says deadpan<

the money will help.  

I do love him. He makes me laugh.

Dude..I’ll try not to give you some crazy disease.


I’m running tonight…I wasn’t up to it in the cold this morning (the cold! I love it when it’s cooler for running!) so tonight it’ll be fabulous. And hopefully I’ll be awake.

Run on…get strong. 

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  1. Oh my poor girl! You deserve peace and happiness, not constant medical issues. I hope your doctor can figure this out soon. Love you lots.

    1. I think I’m fine. I just want dr. J to confirm it. He’s a good sounding board. He’ll figure me out. If there is any figuring me out. LOL

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