Let’s play a game: My husband is top husband today.

My house flooded.

When I was growing up my mother always stuck to some basic rules.

Never ever leave the house with the toaster or the curling iron plugged in

Never ever run the dishwasher or the washing machine OR the dryer running when you leave the house.

I don’t remember if that included while you were sleeping BUT…

Don’t put a load of laundry in and go to bed because once every ten years (yep…this happened many many years ago) the hose disconnects and the entire washer floods your house.

It’s pretty unfriendly.

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MT came home at midnight and woke us up but because I’m currently going through my ~refuse to ever EVER be conscious~ phase…

I barely could even acknowledge HIM let alone the flooding. I heard him, assumed it was a terrible different problem we have with flooding and decided I was not up to that at midnight and I would deal with it in the morning.

Sean, however, had so much difficulty going to sleep the first time that now he was wide awake.

So he got up, pulled out the shampooer and thirty some passes later had cleaned up the water as best he could so I wouldn’t have to.

I mean, really. That’s pretty awesome.

The man even did laundry.

He came to bed when I was getting up…4:30am.

That’s crazy talk…

I closed my eyes and walked past it and out the door to meet Miss G.

Miss G was on a roll this morning and guess what we did???

We ran her first FULL MILE! That’s right she did. Girl is fast, too. She ran it in 10:15 thankyouverymuch. She’s so excited to do it! And…


it was our LAST mile. It was our sixth mile of the day

Yes, that’s right…we did six miles this morning.

Six miles!

I start her out with walking a quarter mile and then running a quarter mile…then we walk again a quarter mile and then I bump it up to running a half mile and we do that for most of the time. At the end of our mileage I start thinking about pushing it to three quarters of a mile and that’s what we did on Monday but today she wanted to just push it. I told her today was it. We don’t want to push her too far too fast but wow. She did great. Still super happy! Still crazy.  I love it.

Here’s what’s hilarious. She think’s she’ll be a 5k or a 10k girl because a half marathon is just “really far”. I said for heaven’s sake you’re freaking halfway there three times a week.  Geez.

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I told her she’s just afraid of what she doesn’t know and that’s how she was about running. She quickly agreed because wow. She’s because a runner so fast.  Just one month.  ONE MONTH> I love it.

I hope I don’t break her.



Run on…

4 Replies to “Let’s play a game: My husband is top husband today.”

    1. I just have a laundry area. So it just poured water into my family room. Good times! It was pretty horrendous. My husband rocks.

  1. Oh man! That sucks about the flooding. Glad your husband is so awesome 🙂

    And how awesome is your friend G!! That’s amazing. And she can totally do a half at some point!

    1. Um…right? Seriously..she even texted me a few hours later to tell me how great the run was~ “our best ever!”. I think she’s too perky for me. Ha.

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