I do not know how to adult.

Out of the mouths of babes.

Or out of the mouths of grown ass children who were at the doctor and had to be adults.  But sometimes being an adult is intimidating.

I have news for you, Son…I do not know how to adult, either.

I make LOTS of mistakes.

I ask LOTS of questions.

I feel uncomfortable more often than I care to admit and I just fake it and power through the situation.

Usually turns out okay…

Even if it doesn’t it is at least a learning opportunity…that I don’t have to love not one little bit.


But you can have dessert for breakfast and no one can yell at you.

And you can skip broccoli if you want.

Notice my perks all pertain to food? Shut up. I do not need therapy.

food animated GIF


Miss G and I ran this morning and as we ran she suddenly started coughing and hacking.

Yup. She ate a bug.

We run in a buggy place I guess.

She starts coughing…I look at her and say, “bug?”

She says, “yep. Better not be any calories in it”

I’m not sure you would find that on Myfitnesspal.com.  Even under “snack”


I’m going to try and run in the morning but I’ll have to be up at like…4:30 again to do it so I’m going to bed. I have a hugely important meeting at work tomorrow and my mom and bonus dad are coming in tomorrow!  BIG DAY.  We’re excited. 🙂  SO much to do~


I totally stole this link from Runner’s World so Miss G could do these strength exercises but I like them so much I’m sharing them here. They just seem simple, practical, get it done at home and take care of your runner self. Do it.

10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners


And now for my ~could I have more on my mind I really need a reminder there’s a bigger deal here and I’m not behind the wheel~ post of the day…

The Bible NEVER once said, "figure it out." It says, "Trust God." He's already got it all figured out.


I'm trying to get back into the running routine. Two runs a week. I can do it!

Run on…

2 Replies to “I do not know how to adult.”

  1. Adulting is highly overrated. You know how I feel about this. 😉

    I’ve set up alerts on my phone to remind me to do my strength training. So far so good…

    1. I agree. Adulting IS overrated. It’s hard. And I should set up alerts on my phone but I’ve lost track of the alerts I need on my phone. I need alerts on my phone to be a grown up.

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