I spent the day yesterday with two crazy Mexican women and a small herd of cows.

Latino? Hispanic. Sigh. What the hell is politically correct. Dammit. I am guaranteed to screw this up and there is no offense intended. They are very good friends of mine so I get to call them crazy and they’ll forgive me for being not very PC as I’m certain they’ve called me many names themselves (Andrea has had  years and years to come up with a few and Miss Gloria while doing her ordered planks).

They were BOTH supposed to send me photos and neither did. Next time I’m totally bringing my own camera as my phone died. Yep. That’s a story too.

But instead I’ll keep this short and sweet and say a late shout out to Miss Diane ~friend and reader~ her and her husband are  in NY running the Utica Boilermaker 15K this morning!!  It’s been a stressful few months and they deserve a great race!  Good luck you guys! I hope you have a great trip and a great race!

Training mentally is just as important as training physically before a big race.

Run on..

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  1. What was that? A teaser post? I got no info from that one. I expect a story after a starter like that one! Lol

  2. Tess, very sweet. Thank you.

    Over the Boilermaker 15K. Terribly organized parking, start and food/beer arrangement at the finish. We were literally in potty line waiting for me to pee when the race started. Never seen so many men/women peeing just everywhere near a starting line.

    I don’t know how hot/humid it was, but I struggled in places and just rolled through miles in others. It was humbling. I’m still annoyed that our goal times was completely blown out. I think mile 3 was my worst, but I won’t know for sure until I’m home and sync my Garmin.

    1:53.9 for me, 1:53.8 for Lynn. Had he not stuck with me, I think I would have completely fell apart.

    I drank water more water than any other race ever, dunked my hat and soaked myself often and drank my entire waistpack bottle of Gatorade. Yet, it didn’t help much. It was pleasant in the shade, but brutal in sun and humidity did a number on me.

    I nearly collapsed near the finish line as I was so spent and needed food. They had fruit cups, bananas and yogurt, beer and water. We quickly left as I was livid.

  3. I was also totally expecting pictures and a story! Ha 🙂

    Oh, and I think Mexican is a totally PC adjective (Provided that they are, in fact, from Mexico and not like.. Colombia or Venezuela or something. Then it’s a problem 😉 )

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