The promised cows …

On Saturday morning Andrea, Miss Gloria and I all headed out to meet the cows of Dr. O. He and his wife raise a small herd (25 head, is that a herd?) of cattle and sell them. Miss Andrea and I were definitely interested in checking this out. We both try very hard to live cruelty free. Finding beef and chicken that came from happy cows and chickens that were humanely treated is just so difficult.  When I heard my chiropractor raises happy cows well…we were in. We were SO in. What a gift. Miss Andrea immediately asked if we could go see the cows, meet them and see how they’re treated.

Dr O said yep and we set a date.

Miss G said she’d love to go please as she wanted to get some cactus for cactus tacos. Um…what?  Apparently, it’s a Mexican thing.

Miss Andrea emailed me the morning of and said, “I’m not sure what to wear when you go meet the cow you intend to eat in 3-6 months.

Oh my gosh the two of them are kind of nuts. One of them says, “The sky is SO WONDERFUL! Look at how BLUE it is!” ~guess who THAT was…

And the other one totally picks up on that…”I know it IS beautiful!”

At this point I turn on the GPS on my phone to get us out of the neighborhood or we’d still be there.  These two were way too involved in the joy of the sky.

The drive was great but let me just condense here.

Dr O has the most beautiful property, he introduced us to his cows (including Queenie…she’s the boss and  we fed them pineapple leftovers) and drove us all over the area for just hours and hours and hours. We had the best day and it was so fun. What a gift it was and we couldn’t have had a better time.

IMG_0025 IMG_0016 IMG_0032

Miss G got her cactus…

IMG_0068 IMG_0055 IMG_0087 IMG_0092

Only to discover it was the wrong cactus.

Well she gets points for trying…

Anybody here a vegetarian or choose to live cruelty free?


Five and half miles with Miss G yesterday and they were mostly running, that girl is a machine.

I ran extra to make it an even seven. It felt good to just run with my headphones in and have some quiet time. Work is hard right now.

Have a great run.  Have a great day. I’m late so on that note…God bless and Run on..

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    1. Thanks! We had such an amazing time I can’t tell you. It was the best outing. Cows. Who knew.

      My work…the jury is still out. 😉 I very much appreciate the good thoughts.

  1. I’m such a meat and potatoes kind of gal. I’ve experimented over the years, attempted to go somewhat vegetarian, but I felt so deprived and was super moody.

    1. I could totally go vegetarian. It would be really easy. Although my favorite meal is a cheeseburger I’m still pretty easy

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