Not every run is epic…the result of Pizza Monday isn’t friendly

What could possibly bring Miss G down?

Pizza Monday.

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So our run was on Wednesday. But the results lasted a few days. I didn’t analyze.

Well, okay, I did a little. Apparently she didn’t work out Tuesday either and that always makes me a little sluggish and she still felt icky from the pizza so the girl seriously and for realies did not want to exercise. We dragged three miles out of ourselves and bailed on the fourth to a boring walk.

I told her next time please text me, we’ll cancel for the day….I’ll have a Christmas surprise at 4am and we’ll meet the following day.

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works for me.


This week has been rather stressful to say the least.

1. My bank was closed by the Feds. It’s okay, I still have a job. It’s just a little stressful dealing with the aftermath. Understatement of the year.

2. My mom was here this week. (that’s not stressful unless you’re incredibly stressed and overworked. See #1)

3. I had a doctor appt about the passing out thing. He wants a cardiac work up.

4. I then came home to open my silverware drawer and a mouse peeked out at me. Cue the cardiac work up.


Immediately starting the scouring of the kitchen..right? Washing every dish and utensil. Because THAT’S something I have time for. It happens every couple of years, we live near a field so I didn’t panic but I don’t really have time right now.

5. Doctor from #3 said, “I don’t think it’s your blood sugar, numbers seem fine and I agree you seem to be eating okay. You’ve gained four pounds!”.  I’ve decided to have him killed. I know people. Don’t test me.  Rude.

6. MT needed his pants hemmed YESTERDAY. Like…rightnow please. He needed three pair done and it’s way easier to do it all at once but I couldn’t get my machine to work. Once I did, it was so late I just hemmed one pair so the next two are waiting for me tonight. There’s a date to look forward to. 😉

7.  By the time I went to bed I realized I had actually been up for twenty hours. This Celiac body doesn’t really like that when I’m running as much as I am so…no thank you.

So this morning I got up with a lovely migraine and decided I was going to treat myself to 30 minutes on the deck with some tea, a good book and my music. Best 30 minutes of my week. Would I rather be running? Yep. Is that what I needed this morning? Nope.

I feel better.

Everyone needs a sacred space. Where do you 'find yourself over and over again'? [Joseph Campbell quote]

I’m going to aim for a run later today at my leisure. We’ll see.  I say we’ll see because again, I have a million things to do but I really really want to run. For realies.


Run on…

6 Replies to “Not every run is epic…the result of Pizza Monday isn’t friendly”

  1. Glad you’re feeling better now. Sometimes you really just do need to rest.. (and pizza and running so rarely mix well 😉 )

    1. Yeah…I don’t usually have an issue with it but I know a lot of people really do. Yish.

  2. Was this a carb overload with the pizza? I’ve never had an issue. I love pizza.

    We get mice a lot during changing seasons in the garage, they’ve only made it inside twice. Yuck on kitchen and being in the silverware drawer. We had one scurrying under our living room couch once. Harley and I about went ballistic.

    1. I don’t know. Maybe the cheese? It doesn’t bother me either but it was Papa Johns Buffalo Chicken I think so it had barbecue and so on. Kinda spicy. Probably just didn’t sit well.

      That’s when we get mice and it’s only happened like three or four times in all the years we’ve lived here but sometimes they don’t want to move out. Ha. So now I’m waiting him out.

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