When a race goes bad… #RunRevel

I was supposed to be running a race this morning. The Revel Rockies Marathon. But a few weeks ago I got a little inklng it would be a bad idea. I don’t know, I trust my inklings. I would need a hotel room and I didn’t have one yet, I wasn’t trained for 26 miles but I could also hop down to the half marathon…, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. So I popped onto the website and saw that I could defer for a year. I love races that offer me things like deferring. It tells me this is a race series that’s run by runners. It tells me this is a race series that is listening to its runners. So I paid a small fee and I deferred and I felt so much better and no guilt whatsoever. And look here it is marathon week and the week from hell at work. You can bet I’d be crazy trying to do that, too. No thank you.

The Revel Rockies​ was supposed to be run this morning and due to clear unforeseen circumstances...was cancelled. Sort of. They ordered 52 buses. Apparently one showed up. Rumors are flying. I’m so disappointed in my fellow runners right now.  This is what we know, last I heard.
1. Bus company has closed down.
2. Runners that found their own way to the start got to run.
3. Some marathoners were stopped (dropped?) at mile 11? Or mile 15? I have mixed messages in the comments.
4. Two sentence announcement this morning on social media.
5. stood for hours in the cold and wind waiting.

So I’m left with this:

How do you handle disaster?

Whose fault is it?

Do you wait to declare a verdict or is the running company guilty as charged before you even know the story?

I was reading the comments (oh I know, that was my mistake) and the runners were SO angry! They are heinous angry. They are wicked mean about this.

So my first instinct, I’ll be honest, is this….

sounds like the bus company owns this one.


If the race is cancelled it’s cancelled…no one gets to run. Sorry. This race is cancelled.


This race/company has an excellent reputation. I am not ditching my entire opinion based on one colossal disaster that seems to be the fault of outside forces until I hear different.  Let’s wait it out and see how they regroup.


I am 100% certain the race company runs this race almost completely on reputation. Reputation that lives for  social media. So when it goes bad, this is not good business.  They did not plan this. They did not wish for this. They did not do it for the money. No one is getting rich off of this. No one is heading to a foreign country with your race fees. Where were the race officials? At the time they were running the marathon. All those hours you were mad, they were still running the marathon. And apparently it wasn’t going well,  while that was going poorly they were trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with the buses so they could give you some kind of an answer.

I do not think it is at ANY point okay to be so angry you are not being productive with your words. When all  you are doing is inflaming the masses within the post you are not helpful to anyone, you are simply creating trouble. One commenter posted the race directors cell phone number. People were saying the race disaster was purposeful. They were running off with the money. They didn’t care how it turned out. I can’t imagine any race company that relies on its reputation not caring how a race turns out. I’m sure from the moment it started to go downhill the race director was immediately in damage control. It’s not just one race. It’s her whole company. Every time you google this race company you’ll hit this race experience. She’s going to want to hope the reviews end up with good recoveries.

I also do not think it is Revel Rockies responsibility to reimburse anyone for their airfare, hotel room, days off from work, meals out, general cost of travel, etc. This is a risk we take when we travel to races. I have a friend who traveled to a race and forgot her sports bra only to discover that on  race morning. She still gets upset and it’s years later. Who could blame her? The money, the time, the loss of the experience…it’s so upsetting. But we go into it knowing that anything can happen. ANYTHING>

Everyone is angry.

Yes, people traveled. Apparently someone came from Japan to try and BQ.  I agree, this is pretty awful. But again, I do not understand how it helps to immediately go on FB and ream the race director and everyone associated with Revel Rockies when I’m certain they are also furious and desperate for answers. 

As runners we pride ourselves on our close knit running community. Quick to have each others backs.  Reading those comments I couldn’t see any of that anywhere. And before you say I wasn’t affected, if it had happened to me or anything like that, let me just say this exact thing may not have but I’ve had my share of expensive painful tragedy and I hope I’m able to take a step back and view it objectively before throwing vicious hateful comments at the situation.   finding a calm reasonable way to handle the matter at hand as history has shown us that the vicious hateful comments really don’t get us anywhere and teach our children out of control anger is the way to get things done around here.

I had to stop reading. I hope tomorrow they have some good answers for the masses. I hope the masses get some sleep and some therapy. Not in that order.

Maybe they should all go for a group run.

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Run on…

4 Replies to “When a race goes bad… #RunRevel”

    1. Fortunately I had already deferred to next year so it didn’t affect me but I found the fallout to be tragic to watch as it is a great race company. I’ve run with really bad race companies and I don’t want to see a good one die out because runners have to be jerks.

  1. I felt the same way reading it all. Except for the people who traveled. They have every right to be irrational for awhile.

    1. I guess I don’t understand irrational. Until you know what happened, why be irrational? Especially since it was already stated it was a bus situation? Even if you traveled, irrational doesn’t fix anything, it’s already done. I would wait and see how things are handled. These people TOTALLY got completely freaking angry and demanding seriously before the marathon was even done practically. Um…give these guys a chance to catch their breath and figure out what’s wrong and hey…give them a chance to step up and make it right. They have a great reputation. Why WOULDN’T they do it right? So uncool to automatically go straight to the jerk attitude. I think if you travel you take that risk. The jerk attitude just makes them all look like jerks. And the minute the company steps up it’s seriously a 180. I couldn’t believe the behavior. Ridiculous.

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