The things I do for love. Confession Tuesday.

I struggled with this title. I struggled with this whole event. I almost didn’t make this confession.

I thought if I just didn’t say anything no one would ever have to know this happened.

I have a really really good friend. She’s a single mom and she doesn’t get out very often.

She’s been DYING to see Magic Mike XXL and well…I wouldn’t go with her.

For obvious reasons. 

No, I never saw the first one.

For obvious reasons.

She’s asked everyone and no one would go.

Yesterday she asked me I said no…and cajoled and I said no…I asked if she wanted to go running (she loves to go running with me) she said no (wow!) and finally said, “It’s a great story of friendship, team building and self confidence. To have desire is only optional when seeing this movie”.

She was getting desperate. 

Well, hell. I live with teenagers. I’ve seen some bad movies. I can see this if she wants it that bad.

So I went. Gasp…

shocked animated GIF


Pretty freakin’ shocking.

She was in love the moment Channing Tatum showed up on the screen. Hilarious.

There were a few genuine moments of hilarity in the movie. I will admit to having laughed pretty hard. Those moments were totally worth it.

Other than that it was really really personal and I am “not that kind of girl”. Sorry Folks.

no animated GIF



In other news:

Revel Rockies were amazing and stepped up to refund all runners affected by the race disaster yesterday. This is not a cheap race and it could do some serious irreparable damage to the race company. Or it could save it. I will be there next year because I think they are a good company who had a bad break and they are trying to fix it. They’re runners, too. So good for them and I’ll say it again, the runners and their comments were terrible and they should be ashamed.


Running tonight, I’m two days behind thanks to said friend…she owes me big. LOL

One of my friends favorite artists…I really like it…

Run on…


6 Replies to “The things I do for love. Confession Tuesday.”

  1. Not my style of a movie either. But, I’m probably going to see it because laughter is all that’s helping. We have had a run of bad luck like you wouldn’t believe with the new house.

    1. Your house buying experience sounds awful. You should look into every comedy there is that’s out. And remember it has to pass eventually. Eventually you will get through it. Like the race from hell. There IS a finish line. It will feel awful for every step but instead of looking at the 13 miles in front of you, run the mile you’re in. One more step. One more step. You’ll power through. And watch comedy movies. And listen to the comedy station on the radio (103.1?, it’s on all the time in my car…helps a lot. LOL)

    1. Oh man she owes me forever. She loves me. She’ll pay.

      I hope the race company survives strong. This was a rough experience.

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