One plus one is…three? Really? I do math good.

We acquired a dog this week. Champ. I went to Home Depot to buy paint for the downstairs bathroom which yes, I’m finally painting. There was a family in front of the store. There was a young couple there with two older men. The girl was VERY pregnant. The guy had VERY blue hair (totally not relevant except for his bad taste). One of the older men was the girls dad…he was enjoying chain smoking as he sat next to her. The other guy….he was just there to not be helpful. They had a sign on computer paper and Sharpie that said “free dog, good with kids and animals”.  


I was immediately in distress for the poor dog who looked WAY too hot and way too smart for these people. I asked how old he was. The kid says, “two”.

I said, “how long have you had him?”

He said, “three years.”

I asked three times.

After the third time, having asked very slowly, he finally gets it, something is wrong with the math.

So he explains “I’ve had him since he was a baby”. Oh. that totally explains the ability to go back in time. 

I took the dog.

After much investigation on Sean’s part we found he had been at Every Creature Counts so we are taking him back to them today.

He’s a really really REALLY good dog and if we felt like a two dog family we would definitely keep him. But man, Montana is SO much work that I just don’t have the energy to deal with two dogs AND a teenager AND a cat with attitude.

Okay, that’s a lie. MT is no work at all but I should get to use that for a little while at least.


I’m supposed to run my 10 today. I need to get it done. I’ve had a migraine for like…a week. I have a Botox tomorrow and this is the first morning I’ve broken down and really drugged up. I do feel more human.

My Botox doctor doesn’t like my drugs because he says they cause rebound headaches but so far not drugging up is causing a major migraine so I’m choosing to just get it done. I feel a million times better. I can’t wait for tomorrow. Who knew I’d EVER say that (those thirty shots hurt like a son of a gun).


I’m trying to get Shaughnessy to go shopping with me. But if she doesn’t go…I’ll go by myself. Why? Because I need things. New bank new rules. Good times.



Run on…


6 Replies to “One plus one is…three? Really? I do math good.”

  1. Wherever that happy place is, I like it, it looks great. I also like the dog, Thank God you took him.

    1. I know, right? I really really want to find that happy place. It looks amazing. The dog (Chance? Whatever his name is) he is much better now. He is a good boy. And he LOVES it when you tell him that.

  2. Awww that pup! I’m glad you took him. That sort of thing makes me so sad 🙁 i don’t understand people sometimes.

    1. I seriously could not leave him. My heart could not even move into the store past him. I left them for a few minutes while I waited for Sean to get there and I was nervous the whole time that they would leave and sure enough they were leaving when Sean got there. Seriously. Everything about them ticked me off. He’ll be so much better off now.

    1. I hope so. I think I was allergic to him!! My allergies were HORRIBLE while he was here and I never put it together. What a relief to not be on three allergy pills a day now.

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