You know that whole…”I have a problem” thing?

It’s nothing new. We’ve talked about it before.

My everlasting and incurable love of all bags everywhere.

I finally admitted it yesterday when I stopped at Ross.

Ugh. I wanted like…six bags.

I know, I’ve talked about this before but SERIOUSLY> You guys have no idea my love for bags.

I think it’s a real issue I may need therapy for.

I thought about buying TWO!

I didn’t even buy one. I stepped away from the bags.

But I was sad.

I love the tote.  I mean…it’s asking for travel.  And though this isn’t the one I was looking at and had in my cart for far too long than I’d care to admit, it was the same gorgeous colors. Which totally ARE TOO springlike and cheerful. Whatever shut up so their neutral. They’re classic and always gorgeous. So there.

A crossbody? Why yes, thank you.  

Vintage??  I could die it’s so cute.  I found this one at a thrift store.


What about the backpack? My current love. I used to have one years ago when they first became popular and now I want another. But I’m picky.


This one is pretty gorgeous although I could maybe do without the tassles. I’d have to see it in real life. But I would never in a million years spend $228 on a purse. That’s crazy ridiculous.

I haven’t even touched on luggage. Formal, duffel, carry on.

Or sports. Gym bags, hiking bags, yoga bags.

I love them all.

I swear I won’t keep talking about bags. But I do really love them.


5.5 miles this morning with Miss G and then home to my smoothie. My cop of the day yesterday was so awesome. He is usually our quietest police officer and just sits in silence. Yesterday he made it his mission to make me laugh. But he did tell me his breakfast secret was pretty simple and he puts yogurt, banana, fruit (strawberries in my case) protein, milk (I used almond milk) and fresh spinach together with some crushed ice…

toss it in the magic bullet and it was so delicious. It is so my new breakfast.


Run on…


9 Replies to “You know that whole…”I have a problem” thing?”

  1. I see no problem with this bag obsession 😉 Don’t ask me how many I have. Don’t even ask me how many I had before I became a Thirty-One consultant. (and the problem is intensified by the fact that I also enjoy making bags myself…)

    And that breakfast is great. I’m definitely a smoothies for breakfast person 🙂

    1. Oh I am sure you have far too many. But aren’t you “obligated” to have too many? LOL. One of us should be a shoe salesman and the other the Thirty-One consultant so we would be covered each way. Oh well. I’m a bank teller. I should get to take cash home. 🙁

    1. Thirty-One is a direct sales company that specializes in awesome bags of all sorts, purses, tote bags, thermal bags, travel bags, home organizing things, etc. So I, as a consultant, basically sell purses and I love it 🙂 (obligatory link to the my website! )

    1. Erin is a consultant. I just buy from her when I want cute things. It’s almost as much trouble having a friend who has that job. Ugh…your news feed is filled with cute bags. 🙂

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