Day two of the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon awesome weekend

We really wanted to do one of the hikes the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon challenged us to do after the race. So we looked at our options:

As part of the Rocky Mountain Half Marathon, they encourage you to do one of their three challenges.

To encourage our runners to get our and enjoy the park, we have two race hikes and a Trifecta challenge.

The Continental Divide Club is a salute the hardcore among us. To join the club, hike Hallett Peak, which just so happens to sit right on the Continental Divide. This is one the most classic hikes in the entire park, but it’s super challenging.

This year we are introducing a second club hike: The Chasm Lake Club. Chasm Lake is a beautiful crater lake along the Longs Peak trail. The hike is 8.4 miles roundtrip with a total elevation gain of 2,450 feet. Hikers should leave early in the morning to avoid crowds and afternoon thunderstorms.

The Trifecta is meant to be challenging, but less strenuous. These are iconic activities inside the park that should be experienced, but are doable with children. The 3 activities that makeup the Trifecta are:

1) Bear Lake
2) Alberta Falls
3) Trailridge Rd.

We chose to do Chasm Lake. Not the hardest and not the easiest. We felt like we were up to the challenge.

Kat and Kristen, being the awesome people that they are, said it was totally okay for Sean to come up the night before and share our awesome 1970 hotel suite at the Peak to Peak Lodge in Estes Park.   You laugh but this place was actually very clean and decent. Yes, it was built in 1970 but it had everything we needed.

Okay, it needed a new coffee pot but Kat drinks too much coffee anyway.

Sunday we packed up and headed out for Chasm Lake. It was an beautiful morning and we were excited.

I was pretty worn out for good reason.

side note: I was pretty hung over from a really really horrible migraine. But otherwise good.

I did steal quite a few of Kristen’s photos.

The rest of this could really be told in photos until the top…that’s how great it is…

starting the hike… (this is Kat’s photo…photo credit to Sean)
another of Kristen’s photos



Peacock Pond NOT Chasm Lake. Must keep moving…
See the little sign? Must climb over the rocks to get to the lake on the other side…

IMG_20150802_122338565 (1)

Treasure. Chasm Lake~elevation 11,823 ft.



The most amazing day of climbing.

In every way with #nature one receives more than he seeks. via @NatlParkService @NPCA #hiking


Run on…

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    1. HA, and I totally thought “I don’t drink a lot of coffee…”…. as I sat here with my venti coffee from Starbucks 😉

      1. I loved writing it! Or…posting photos? It was so good. And I laughed when I wrote that about the coffee. So thanks for the giggle as you sit with your venti coffee. 😉

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