Sweet List <3

1. Out of town friends  visiting and running races with me. Because it makes running all that really long distance way more fun. 

2.  Hiking in Colorado. I love it so much. The rewards are worth all the work. But the work is so beautiful…it’s hardly work. It’s so amazing. I’m so blessed to live here. And to get to share it with so many people that love and appreciate it as much as I do.

Miss Kat took this on the day we took the gondola ride to the top of a mountain. SO beautiful.

3.  Sleep. I’ve never appreciated it more. I’m not the sleeping sort. I generally do not like to nap. But I’ve been so tired I’ve learned to love sleeping. I have a love/hate relationship with sleep.

This is what I feel like most of the time…

then it becomes this…

and then I’m unconscious.  At least I know what to expect.

3. Having a routine. I work so much better with some sort of routine I am way more able to “breathe” this way. It’s the OCD in me.  Schedule at work, schedule for running, etc. Now if only I could schedule meals my husband might like me.

4.  Too many books to read and you can’t decide which one to start next. #worstproblemever

5. when the race shirt is one I’ll wear again.

Here is Kat wearing the slightly darker blue version. I got the lighter blue. It’s a great cut. And Kat models it beautifully with the backdrop of Colorado..I mean, c’mon.

6. I was up most of the night with some fairly unfriendly flu like symptoms. Why, you ask, would this be on the Sweet List? Because it was over by morning except for me being tired and a weary stomach. This could have gone on for days or up to a week. #gratitude

7.  Anne Lamott. Sometimes I’ll pop onto her page and read something and it’s just exactly what I needed at the moment.

I re-read a post from back in April and it’s still good. She speaks truths. Going to re-read one of her books now because it always makes sense.

8.  When your friends love you even with your personality that’s a little “too much personality for your own good”. I can be high maintenance. I have energy. I have ridiculous. My sarcasm has few boundaries. I am wild at heart and have reached a beautiful point in my life of doing what feels right and good. With all of my issues I am ever grateful my friends still love me through all of that. #highmaintenance #celiac #migrainehell #sarcasmismyfirstlanguage

9. Good things are happening for Sean right now and as he’s this awesome fabulous amazing guy…he really deserves it. One of these days I’ll tell you guys how grouchy he can be. Whatever. It’s true. He can really be grouchy…sometimes.


10.  thunderstorms during the night. *sorry to everyone who can’t stand thunderstorms during the night which I think covers most people. But I love them. It’s one of my favorite sounds.

11.  Morning smoothies: almond milk, strawberries, spinach, yogurt, ice, protein powder…smoothied to a thick shake. I could drink it six times a day. So good.

12.  a fresh haircut … with short hair I notice it so much. My hair grows WAY too fast. #thatsnotreallyaproblem

13.  It’s Alex Michael’s birthday this week. This means we are 100% guaranteed to see all the kids.  Life is good. #wemisscorey #bonusson

random photo stolen from Corey’s FB. I have no idea who took it.


A to the MEN!!!!! Its always about being better than you were yesterday … Life Lesson #104 Running



Run on…

6 Replies to “Sweet List <3”

  1. I always love your sweet lists <3 And I feel you SO much on this one. I definitely need routine. And smoothies. I'm having one pretty much every day now. And I'm happy to hear good things are happening for Sean!

    I'm getting to the "I need a haircut" phase, but my stylist is gone until November and seeing someone new scares me (see my above comment about routine..)

    1. OH a new hairstylist is SO scary!! I’ve been seeing the same person for over ten years. I’ve cheated on her twice and been sorry twice!

      I love my morning smoothies. It makes breakfast so much easier and one of my cop friends told me you really can’t taste the spinach if you put spinach in there and he’s totally right! So yep…spinach goes right in there with my strawberries. So good!

      I do okay without routine but with it…I seem to be a tad bit happier. just sayin’. 😉

      1. I might just have to suck it up and see someone else.. Don’t think I can really go until November without a cut! I’ve only been seeing this stylist for a few years, maybe 3? 4?, but I feel lost without her!

        And spinach is great in smoothies. I always add it (or sometimes another leafy green) to mine 🙂

        1. ooooh. Scary.

          I always feel a little behind the times when it comes to new things. I’ve never tried “overnight oats”. Mostly because they sound gross. I think I’ll stick to not trying them.

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