Freaky Wednesday

Whatever…not THAT kind of freaky. Geez.

G and I were out runnin’ and I noticed the sliver of the moon was PERFECT and the sun was rising in the most beautiful colors and I pointed to the moon and said

the moon! Also known as… Oh my gosh look at how beautiful it is with the sunrise and the colors and the perfect sliver of the moon at the same time could we be any luckier to be having this moment out here all by ourselves. This is why I run. This moment. The crisp clear air from the rain. This moment of the night ending and the morning starting…there really could not be a better way to spend the morning…

G said…

yes. (heavy breathing)

the moon. (still breathing)

but mostly she meant…

whatever ::eyeroll::

eyeroll animated GIF


I think we’ve switched places. 

Pretty sure she’s the joy of the morning person and I’m the eyeroll person.

Though in all fairness to both of us…

I’m only eyerolling because she’s so joyful. Inside I’m joyful.


G was in a funk.

It started last week and just wouldn’t go away.

Saturday she said she was off and she didn’t know why.

After a little while she mentioned she hadn’t had any coffee. I said that must be why the funk…she needed her coffee.

Girl loves her coffee….

coffee animated GIF


So Sunday comes and goes and then Monday and she’s STILL in a funk.

Tired I'M Tired animated GIF


Girl cannot get MOTIVATED

Tuesday…I had an alarm clock issue.

We won’t talk about that.

Then comes this morning and she is READY TO GO!!

She says Dr. O came up with the answer to her problem.

She had stopped drinking her coffee.

Um…completely?  Because I knew that was your problem on Saturday and we talked about that, but I assumed (I’m learning, btw, not to assume with G…never assume) it was a one day issue. Like…I didn’t get my morning cup of coffee.

When in reality it was more….I’m used to having four cups of coffee a day and stopped completely.

Oh Holy Mother.

No WONDER you’re in a funk. How can you function?

She started drinking coffee again and miraculously her funk is over.

The lesson of the day here is this…

If you end up in a funk take a good look around and note any changes in your world big or small.

Sometimes it’s the REALLY OBVIOUS THINGS> sometimes it’s not. You never know.

We did six miles today. She’s doing great. AND the scale moved for her.

snoopy animated GIF


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  1. Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine quitting cold turkey after drinking that much a day. Glad she figured it out and yay for the scale moving!

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