This bra is revolutionary!

Now..I know you’re thinking…WOW…a new revolutionary bra???


Just a sports bra.

And a cheap one at that.

Miss G and I went to Kohls last night and she bought herself a new proper fitting sports bra.

This morning as we ran she declared “This bra is revolutionary!”

To which I thought…Hm. No…I think A properly fitting bra is revolutionary.

There’s better out there. More expensive, better fitting and just all around good for you sports bras. But this was a huge step forward and I think very doable.

I have sports bras from Gap, Nike, Target, Old Navy and Montiel (that was a was so pretty!). They are all good but yes, I have my favorites. I think as time goes on you figure out which ones fit you right, support you in the best places and don’t chafe or chafe the least.

On that note…Bodyglide is your friend for chafing.


The other day I posted about Miss G getting a new outfit.

The picture did not show up.

Did anyone tell me?


This could mean one of three things.

1: No one actually reads my blog and it’s a lovely public diary in which case I’m immediately going to start typing whatever the hell I want to because believe me there’s definitely more news than fit to print…

2: They read it and thought the photo just didn’t work on THEIR computer so they didn’t say anything.

C: they read it…didn’t care that much…it wasn’t really that interesting. So they moved on. eh.

Possible it was a little of all three.

And a caveat of 4: they are a subject of said photo and therefore are overjoyed they did not show up on said interwebs.

Well THAT is shortlived because not only did we get it to work but HERE IT IS AGAIN BABY.

Serves you right for sassing me. Sheesh.

Of course I’m talking about Miss Gloria. Skosh can’t actually talk.



We did six miles yesterday which we do nearly every day anyway but we ran a majority of it so yay us!

Today we did 5…Miss G ran the four with me and then declared exhaustion. So we walked the last. I have to take it easy with her.



Run on…

6 Replies to “This bra is revolutionary!”

  1. Hey! I told you I couldn’t see it! Does that make me a no one? 🙂

    Cute picture! And hooray for good sports bras! And bodyglide! It’s the little things in life… .

    1. You know,I was in a hurry. I TOTALLY failed to mention you! You are the ONLY one. Sean actually went back a few days and there are TONS of photos that aren’t showing up.
      My head hurts. I gave up.

      And seriously…a good sports bra…really. Is there anything better with running. That and good shoes.

  2. I just thought it was my computer cause…well you know, not too computer savvy to begin with. Now I see it and it is a darling picture, she looks happy.

    1. Ha. I knew that! I told Sean you probably didn’t say anything because you thought it was your computer. It’s all good. I learned my lesson!

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