Those damn Achilles.

My Achilles hurt. And it snuck up on me.

The last time I did yoga was a week ago.

Then I ran a lot.

I stretched after each run….but the last time I yoga’d was last week and I haven’t seen my chiropractor in two weeks.

I even talked to him (Miss G works there) and he said, “are you neglecting your legs?”

I told him I wasn’t because they felt great!

Then yesterday I got the familiar twinge and today…..

oh Holy Mother.

It’s not pretty.

So ice/advil/stretch/yoga/chiropractor/foam roll

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m not worried. I’m diligent and I think it will heal quickly.

See that? That’s faith. (also maybe a little fear)

I used to play 6 sports. I grew up and narrowed it down to 3: Soccer, Running, and Figure Skating. Now it is just skating but I want to run again. I stopped because I got asthma and vocal cord dysfunction and it made it nearly impossible to run. It is time to tell my respiratory system that it can suck it up and just do it!


We had a roller coaster weekend. We got really good news...>there’s a cliff hanger<. I’ll have to wait to truly update you guys on the full info, hopefully next week. It’s good for Sean and we all want good things for Sean, right?

Then we had a little setback with some FB drama. My favorite ::sarcasm::. I try so hard to avoid saying anything that might even possibly instigate someone. I understand the importance in becoming involved in the power of a cause…even if it is a heartfelt reaction to someone’s  innocent post~ which I am not delegitimizing. But I think it needs to be recognized when someone gets hurt. I also think it’s important to look at who is doing the posting. That usually says so much.  So it definitely brought the house down a little here. Especially after the joy we were feeling. Hell, we even heard from some relative I’m pretty sure hasn’t said word one to us in 10+years. Dude. Who ARE you?

We attempted a powering up with celebrating Alex’s birthday on Saturday. It was tough.  Denver had record temps of 98* and we have no air conditioning. My house just seems to hold the heat in and the family was very uncomfortable. I think Sean and I are just so used to it we don’t even really think about it anymore. But the kids were very affected by it. Maybe in the next year or so we’ll add central air. We’ve just never felt the need before now but it was obvious people weren’t comfortable and that doesn’t make for an easy day.

On an up note…I stole this from FB:


Alex Michael and Megan~ (you haven’t heard about Megan but it’s okay, she’s kind of new and they’re just dating)

Come Sunday we were ready for some quiet~just us~time. It was nice. We hung out, slept, talked, drugged (we both woke up with headaches), read, ate pie, and generally enjoyed the solitude. It was better and it was nice. And blessedly cooler. Sean and I are feeling much clearer about things and ready to face the week. MT had a terrible week and just needed to regroup. We needed this day. I love Sundays.

I want one with you.... I'm glad you feel safe in my arms baby!!! I love you so much!!!!

This Is Your Sunday Evening Reminder

I know I was supposed to go to school this fall but unfortunately my work was just too much for me to consider doing anything else. So we’ll have to wait and see. I haven’t forgotten!

I’m off to foam roll again.  And maybe yoga for ten or fifteen minutes.


Today is my dad’s birthday. I lost him 8 years ago. I can’t believe it’s been eight years and sometimes I feel like it’s been twenty. I miss him.

He was, as they say, the first man to have my heart. He wasn’t perfect but he was mine.



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