I’m too cold this morning. I can’t be clever.

It was cold.

This morning. Yes. It was cold.

I’m not complaining because Saturday it was freaking hot. But this morning Miss G and I nearly froze in the arctic cold. It was only 51* but man it felt like 40*. I don’t think I really ever warmed up on my run. My hands still aren’t working right.

We got our 5.5 miles done with a little extra walking and I stopped and stretched at the end. My achilles don’t like me. We’re taking it slow.

And praying. 🙂


Miss G and I are Ready for Saturday!


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Again…we will not be wearing pajamas.


I foam rolled until the wee hours of the morning and when I went to bed it was taken over by the animals. So I slept in the spare room.  When I woke up an hour later…the animals had come to join me! True puppy and kitty love.

I’m off to my 8 millionth doctor appt.

I should be a doctor by now.



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