Technically I’m not dying…

I am sick. I am injured. My life is tragic right now.

I’ll recover but it’s a bummer. My migraine is gone though so I definitely am doing a ton better.

I can handle a cold, but a cold and a migraine is hard.

And the Achilles will just take a little time.

I’m taking a self imposed week off from running and I’m not going to stress.

Because I face head on what I’m afraid of and I can do anything. I am TOTALLY okay. This is me talking myself into it.

I just have to take good care of myself and hope these guys heal.

Lots of healing. I just wish I had more long runs under my belt.


I’m going to trust and have faith. If you read at all you know this usually works for me. Ha. And inside I’m only a little stressed.


I was talking to my friend last week. Someone who knows me well and knows I don’t share my personal info on FB or really with anyone.


I don’t talk about my politics at all…AT ALL.  I don’t even talk about it with my husband. Nope. Sorry Folks.

What I believe is my own business.  And yes, I’m sure everyone has a great reason why this is a bad idea and that’s fine. I’ll continue to keep what I believe to myself. Because religion and politics are hot topics and any time anyone brings these up (especially now, in this political climate) people get HOT MAD.

angry animated GIF

That may sound hardcore but I’m not really interested in debating. I’m perfecting capable of reading and researching and someone else throwing their beliefs at me is not going to change mine.  I will listen respectfully if someone is chatting about their beliefs but in my experience people aren’t doing that. They are usually fiercely trying to sway everyone in the room to their side.

So the other day I’m on the phone with my awesome friend (who really is awesome, just sayin’) and she is wicked smart, too, and we’re talking about something generic I don’t even remember what now. The news? Who knows what.

And it comes up… so I tell her for the fourteen thousandth time, “I mean, no one knows what I believe and I keep that to myself for a good reason”.

And right out of the blue she says to me (paraphrasing), “where DO you stand on such and such?”



pretty animated GIF

I mean…if I’m not going to talk to SEAN about it, I’m not talkin’ to anyone.

She then went on to give me a lesson that she felt was something I should know.

I took this as information she felt I needed because she thought she knew my line of thinking (always in a box. I’m always in a box) and assumed her place was to educate me. The interesting thing here was that her source for information was a podcast I not only listen to but it’s one of my all time never miss an episode podcasts so…yeah. I’ve already got that information. But thanks.

I think I must somehow come across as uneducated and misinformed. It was kind of disappointing.

When really I just keep things close to me.

It’s your personal choice what you choose to be vocal about. It’s your personal choice if you want to let the world in on your beliefs. My voice needs to be heard. I think that’s important.

But I get to decide on what and if and when.

And I’m not going to feel guilty for those choices.

On that note: I’ve used my voice today for an important public service. I’ve asked Skittles to please remove the Skittles Pox commercial. I think this really benefits everyone. I’m sure they’ll listen to me. My Skittle voice is quite loud.



You guys should run on…I’m going to rest for a bit.  Have a good run!