Looking outside ourselves. HONY readers got inspired.

As we have already figured out…I read. Pretty much anything that could possibly have words…yep.

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So I subscribe to a few things…and last week as I was wandering through the grocery store my email alerted me to a Bloglovin’ update.

I forgot I signed up for Bloglovin’. I  never actually read blogs through them but this time the headlines caught my eye.

Beauty Weekly: 15 Must Know Makeup Hacks, The Forgotten Step In Your Skincare Routine & other inspiring stories

The things that people are blogging about, well…women everywhere I think should feel pret.ty excited.

15 make up hacks

The Forgotten Step in your Skincare routine

and here’s my favorite part….

And other inspiring stories…

I was pretty uninspired.

Because I’ve just spent the last week reading Humans of New York Pakistan. 

If you haven’t seen this website or connected with them on FB you should stop and check it out right now.  I’ve been a fan for most of the time this guy has been on FB I’m proud to say. I hope I’ve hooked a lot of people on to this photographic treasure. But the stories, the journalism is beautiful. Now, if you read the comments it can seem like 50,000 people pandering to Brandon, the heart of HONY.  BUT… if you move past the obvious what you get is a lot of people who just want to be reminded there is good out there and they want to be a part of it. Not everyone gets to be a hero but judging by the amount of people that buy Starbucks for the guy behind in them in the drive through…people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. They want to feel good about the world. So they do anything little they can and you know what?

I’ll take the little things for sure…

If you read HONY..you know he went to Pakistan. If you don’t read HONY…you should right now. RIGHT NOW. It’s amazing.

The whole series on Pakistan was amazing but this particular part was ~heart stopping mind numbing hold your breath sad beautiful heart breaking heart fulfilling hopeful tragic desperate and finally heroic. Heroic on every level.

Heroic because of Syeda Ghulam Fatima.  This woman has spent her life trying to free the workers of Pakistan  who find themselves virtual slaves to the brick kilns, which is the main method of construction in Pakistan. Laborers will go to the owners of the kilns for loans and when their debt is supposed to be paid off they are told it is in fact, now much higher. There is no escape. No matter the age, children are included in this slave labor. Workers are forced to labor for long hours and under terrible conditions.

There are over 20,000 brick kilns in the country, and conservative estimates put over one million men, women, and children working at these kilns in a condition of bonded labor. Fatima estimates that the number is closer to 4 million. ~source

HONY decided to profile Fatima and of COURSE the commenters wanted to help….because that’s what they do. So he started a fundraiser asking for $100,000 and yep…are we at all shocked that it currently stands at $2,300,000 (as of 8/22/15)? Potentially changing the entire face of the organization and savings who knows how many lives.

Heroes. All those people who just wanted to help and threw $10 on there, $20…whatever they could afford. Every dollar goes to free these people. Realistically we can’t all get on a plane and head to Pakistan to volunteer and save lives but this is tangible and this can help.

Read the page. Make your life better.

This is the link to a documentary about Fatima’s cause.  

And remember that even the little things help make our lives better. The little things lead to the big things.

Nice job, World. We may not have fixed the problem but I think maybe we put a little dent in it today.

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(side note: did you know that silly little “ice bucket challenge” that drove everyone crazy last year created enough funding to do some key research for ALS?  Baby steps, People. Baby steps)

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Run on…and get inspired.