Persistence and Prayer. That’s gonna do the trick. Right?

I told you I’d talk about running today and I do not tell a lie.

Okay…that was a lie.

Sometimes I lie.

But it’s really really rare and it’s only about really important things.

like you know…that baby is SO CUTE>

Things like that.

So I am, as previously mentioned, on a self imposed ~no running~ ban. It pretty much sucks but would suck more if my Achilles didn’t hurt with pretty much every step.

And if I didn’t have the cold from hell. Do you think that’s God’s way of easing my ~you can’t run~ pain? I mean, who wants to run with a cold anyway?

I pretty much don’t want to move. I just want to sleep. But I think I’m almost better per the cold.

Today I woke up feeling pretty horrible.  My whole body hurt and I had a really bad migraine.

I immediately felt a pull to yoga. So I did my morning routine (drugs, wake the kid, feed the dog) then pulled out the yoga mat and played. I felt immediately better. Afterwards I sat on the floor with my foam roller and rolled for about a half an hour. This afternoon I saw my chiropractor and tonight I’ll foam roll again.  I wanted to yoga again but I’m really tired. Tomorrow.

My achilles felt better all day and then tonight started acting up again.

Tomorrow will be better…


So persistence and prayer will heal me…I’m holding my breath.


Some people try to run through the pain. A lot of runners will push it much longer than they are supposed to. I’ve known runners to test an injury to the point of near permanent damage for the sake of one race. ONE RACE.

I don’t care how important that race is. Chicago, New York, Boston. Freaking International. I don’t care.

I love to run. If I never run another race again as long as I live I’ll be happy runner…

as long as I get to run.

We have to honor the pain and trust our bodies. 

Stop. Rest. Treat the injury accordingly.

And prevent the injury with proper stretching and cross training.

I definitely thought I was doing enough in retrospect I think I needed to add another day of yoga because I have naturally tight muscles.

It’s sad really.

Assess your own self and recognize your own weakness. You should be able to tell the tweaks and creaks over time. You should have two days of some cross training throughout the week. Even just twenty minutes of cross training. It’s healthy and helps your muscles to grow and learn a different strength.

helps balance your muscle groups. Cross-training helps strengthen your non-running muscles and rests your running muscles. You can focus on specific muscles, such as your inner thighs, that don’t get worked as much while running and may be weaker than your running muscles.~source


So I totally made French Toast in a Mug tonight and it was as delicious and easy as it sounds. Though mine did try to escape…and almost succeeded…it hit the spot (it totally just “grows” right out of the top like a chia pet, it’s hilarious). For someone who tends to not eat enough (I’ve been sick and really haven’t eaten anything for the last three days) and who is also Celiac…this was exactly what I needed. was sweet.

Ya’ll know I love sweet.

French Toast in a Mug - ready in 5 minutes!

I didn’t use a recipe, I just threw it together. But this is essentially the recipe I used minus the chocolate chips.  Yup. It was good.  Thanks to Princess Pinky Girl for the recipe and photo. Looks like she has some amazing recipes on there and a lot of them could be made gluten free. She’s probably shuddering at the thought but welcome to my life.


Meanwhile, I went to the park and met Miss G yesterday so she could run in the dark and not get shot by a *random people frequenting the park waving semi automatic weapons.

*This random fact may or may not be true but hey, why take a chance, right?

I hung out at the car and made sure she was okay every 12 minutes or so as she ran in circles. She did great! And it was SO brave of her to run alone for her first time EVER.

I’m so proud of her to make this step. This is not a condescending thing at all….she has really stepped far out of her comfort zone.


So tomorrow I go again and we’ll see how far she can go! She’s cruising pretty far and I’m super jealous for the running. The mornings are so beautiful.  Perfect running.


Run on…

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  1. Hugs, Tess. Heal up and try and enjoy the downtime.

    I’m reading, but not as often as I’d like. Crazy here.

    1. Thanks Diane! I’m trying. Mostly I want to sleep. This cold. Colds are not friendly. And one is not required to read. I was just thinking about you the other day….hope things are going okay. Moving is HARD.

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