Sweet List <3

This Sweet List covers two weekends because I’ve been unconscious for two weeks.

  1. Weekend movies: Never Been Kissed, Wedding Singer, Overboard~ there were more but really, it was a good movie weekend last weekend. 
  2. I got a hotel for Chicago. It took me seven hours. No I’m not kidding. I may need therapy for that experience. The race should be easy compared to this.
  3. I may have finally figured out how to organize my bags. And hopefully I won’t have 100 bags. But this seems like it might work. 
  4. I work with the best people. Hands down. The best. #friendsarefamilytoo
  5. I gave my notice. Because the majority of people I work with will no longer be there. Which means life at work is just not going to be the same. Time to move on. #noregrets
  6. I took a phone call this week about an unpaid bill (not my fault..it was on them) and ended up with a reference…um, yeah. I’ll take that.  
  7. I came home from work Friday and decided to rest even though I finally didn’t feel tired…I slept for four hours. Yes, four hours. I took a quick two hour “awake break” and went back to bed. ::yawn::   
  8. The cat came in after hours. You have no idea the small miracle that is. It wasn’t even 3am.

    Yeah..it doesn’t take much.  
  9. Nope. My brain still isn’t working 100% but at least for the most part I figure it out before a catastrophe happens. I think. I mean, I haven’t noticed a catastrophe…but would I? Hmm…
  10. I was at church this morning and was again approached multiple times about “that nice young man” that is my son. What did I do right in this world to get such great kids? I am much blessed.
    ~shut up. I know that’s not a sentence. Don’t I get excused for brain damage? I do English good.

  1. I spent the majority of yesterday cleaning everything in my upstairs. Organizing, sorting, donating, throwing away, cleaning bedroom, spare room, linen closet. Oh the relief on my brain. Then about 4pm (hmm…see a pattern?) I felt myself get a little tired so I hit the bed for a rest and woke up at 8pm. Clinging to the knowledge that I will get better soon. I WILL get better soon. #focusonthepositive  My upstairs is fabulously clean.
  2. Miss G has made the best most impressive progress with her running and I couldn’t be more proud of her in a completely non condescending way. It’s hard for her to put herself out there…she’s brave but afraid. (ha, Aren’t we all?) But she pushes through and I admire her so much for that. She’s my kind of girl.
  3. I spent yesterday watching a New Girl marathon. I have a new fun passion. That show is hilarious and I love it.

On a side note: I do read. I swear it. I’m currently reading The Kitchen Boy A Novel of the Last Tsar~ by Robert Alexander (coincidentally my grandfather’s name..random)

And that completes our Sweet List for the week! Have a wonderful Monday and as always….

Run on…